In need of a SEO Specialist Familiar with Google News Type Website

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    Here's my dilemma, I'm looking for a reputable SEO specialist who is familiar and has experience working with a Google News website which has a lot of different keywords and doesn't focus on just one topic.

    It seems all of the SEOs advertising their services on here are always asking for me to give them a keyword and I don't have a specific keyword to give them. Most SEO packages try to target just one or two keywords and my site is not that kind of website.

    A few SEOs that I had reached out to, without mentioning names even stated that they would do a free analysis to see if they could help me and then I never heard from them again. It seems that they only knew how to manipulate my ranking based on keywords only.

    I'm looking to improve my news site but don't really know where to start. My site is a part of the Google and Bing News networks and I have over 20 writers who write regularly for the site as well.

    My average traffic is anywhere between 2,000-3,000 visits daily, but I feel that my site has the potential to do soooooooooo much more than that.

    I feel that my site gets decent traffic on its own and just needs a little push to get even more.

    I'm hoping to find someone who can bump this number to 50,000 daily visits, then to 100,000 and so on and so on.

    I'm willing to pay monthly for this service or we could even do some type of revenue share agreement. My advertising revenue as of right now with Google Adsense mainly being used is that I make between $5-10 RPM with 30 percent or more of that already being paid to my writers.

    I prefer to have someone in the US work on this in case we have to speak over the phone or have contracts drawn up.

    If you think you have what it takes, please submit me a PM and I'll shoot you my website URL for you to check out.

    When submitting a proposal, please be clear with me with what your intentions are. Looking for Whitehat methods only.

    Thanks and hoping to build a partnership with one of you guys really soon.
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    Hey I can't PM Yet.
    drop me a PM we'll talk.
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    Providing Organic link building service and social media support since 2006. More details to your PM
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    I have had more than 5 Google News sites before. It depends on your niche and the number of articles you post daily. PM me if you want to work with me. I am not from the US, btw.