In-House San Fransico content writer job

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    *Mods I'm not sure where to post this since I haven't really seen any in-house job postings on this form (since most of the people here want to work from home =) )

    But either way our company is looking for a in-house content writer to fill a recent opening. I would also prefer you know at least basic SEO tactics. How ever if you don't possess these skills don't worry I will be able to teach you at least the basics while I train you.

    Our hiring manager will have to screen you but if you send me your resume and sample work (it can be posted on a site just please have some type of proof it is yours) so I can get you a interview.

    Like the title says this is for a job opening in San Fransisco California and you would have to be in the office everyday.

    -I am aware that some people will think this is a scam so once the real job posting on our site opens up I will post it here.

    I am still waiting on the salary range for this position but I will update this post as soon as I find out.