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    Alright I've been in the game nearly 3 years (on and off) and I'm not seeing what I want, or even close to it. I'm very frustrated as I put it a ton of work and I don't see the results I think I should be seeing relative to others people's success and their explained methods. I feel like I'm doing what I need to but the results are showing that I'm obviously not, so I'd like some honest advice

    I started on the WarriorForum and used that info for a year plus and as expected I learned to build websites but any type of traffic and money was not coming from info on this site. Later moved to WickedFire and found some good info there but not a very busy place, and have just recently came here after buying scrapebox.


    Here's what I've currently got going for me:

    I've got 13 EMD MFA sites with about 3-5 articles on each site focusing on keywords 1k+/month search and very low competition. Simple Wordpress blogs with Heatmap theme. Keywords everywhere they need to be. All content is unique. Most 1 year+ in age

    My rankings are as follows: 1,1,3,4,5,7,11,16,38,100,x,x,x

    Amazon Affiliate
    Here I've got 19 EMD Amazon Affiliate sites made with ReviewAZON (all duplicate content) and as expected these don't rank as well, but tend to make more than Adsense on what traffic I do get. With the low competition I shoot for (same as the Adsense) I expected these to be ranking higher. All 1 year+ in age

    Rankings: 2,3,4,4,8,9,19,33,34,46,51,69,77,80,x,x,x,x,x (a few recently sandboxed)

    Mini Authority (Hybrid)
    Here I tried something new as I wasn't able to profit as well as I thought I should off EMD's so I made a site with 1 overarching theme and made pages based on this topic that fit the same competition/search criteria as before. So I have a blablah dot com and each page is a keyword that I target. I have a mix of Adsense (articles) and Amazon (review pages) on this site. This way I'm paying for 1 domain with potentially 100+ keywords. Currently I have about 23 keywords I'm targeting and they're relatively new (3-4 months old) so they aren't really ranking at all.

    Here I wanted to try something new and since clickbank pays bank I decided to try. It was a lot harder to find targeted keywords that I thought would convert but I have about 8 keywords that have relevant buying keywords. I went with the same idea as above with 1 overarching domain and the pages being the keywords. Also every article I write is at least 500 words and is always unique, written by myself.

    Now I'm making enough to pay for this whole operation with leftover to buy more tools and services but I don't want to mess around I want to make some serious cash off of this and I just for the life of me cannot figure out how to make this consistently work. Here's my backlinking process

    Backlinking Campaign

    I'm currently using Sick Submitter and Scrapebox. I purchased a hefty list of packets from Sick's site and have been submitting tons of Profiles, Bookmarks, Article Directories, and Blog Comments. I point them to the EMD/Keyword and also sometimes other pages just to keep a more natural look, so not all are pointing at just one page.

    Checking Webmaster Center in Google each site has 800-1,500 backlinks a pop and those are only the ones Google is displaying (their WC has been much improved lately imo, shows a lot more backlinks a lot faster than it used to.)

    Most of these are not high quality and a lot of them are crap. Meaning to me that a lot of them are coming off of N/A - 1 PR pages. Each site does have a few higher PR backlinks but they are not numerous by any means.

    I became aware that I should probably start adding more high quality backlinks and that's a process I've started today, scraping links with scrapebox and taking the PR 4+ and manually commenting on them. Typing this out it seems obvious this is something I should do more of and maybe that will affect my results but I feel like I'm doing a lot more than some people are doing that explain their entire strategy and are somehow making 20/day and can barely type a coherent sentence. I've seen this time and time again and it actually motivated me to make this post.

    Here's the type of competition I'm working against. On the scale from easiest to hardest on my window of competition this is on the easier side. I don't go for much harder than this but this is a pretty good example of how low of a competition I'm running against

    (ok apparently I can't post images or URLs, PM me to see the competition)

    So basically this is what each keyword I'm targeting is looking like:

    1k+ searches/month
    Competition above^
    800-1,500 BL/s each site (bookmarks, articles, profiles, blog comments)
    Unique Content
    Keyword in title, URL, desc, header

    If there's anything I missed in my explanation feel free to ask questions. If you need to insult my obvious stupidity in any method do so, I need help. I either need to start seeing results or drop this whole thing because right now it's just creating frustration and wasted time in my life.
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    so ronery :(