In behalf of my filipino agents that i used to kept and earn their trust :D

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    I am starting this thread in behalf of the Filipino chatters who have had so much experience with programs not paying what is due for them!

    We know that sometimes some of "your" manager will be bugging you with, 'when will be or payment?' and those stuff. But, let us put it this way, and let's not be hypocrite, we chat because we want cash not for charity and it is not also because we are not confident with our sales but, ofcourse any delay for whatever reason would demand some explanations because the only thing that we can hold on to is the promises you made behind the keybord. At least show a lil professionalism. And sometimes "your" manager would ask those 'when will be our payment?' question in advance because we want to be sure that what we have work for wont be put to waste and what is due for us will be given as promised. And most of all, you can't blame us because of all the program who run away with our money, we can't help it but be paranoid with whoever we are dealing with and I know you all are too.

    We are also aware that there are Filipino chatters who makes some fraudulent selling activities but, it will not be enough reason to assume that all Filipino chatters are involve in such activities. Then ask them, what will happen to those good sales that we give if you close an account for just a single fraud sale?

    At the end of the day, the manager and these poor chatters wont be paid. On the case of the affiliate manager, its ok if he is being paid when he is in the office and thinking about the commissions he earned is just a few bucks, it wont hurt the pocket though ..

    I am not starting this thread to gain any of your sympathy, whatsoever, and encourage to do business with us nor I am addressing this thread to anybody, am just stating some clear facts in here(at least with my point of view). Because there are people here that makes some premature conclusion without even knowing the whole story. Remember, it is the poor Filipino chatters (and I guess not only Filipinos), who suffer from all your bullshits and unprofessionalism.

    And again I will make this clear that this thread is not intended or addressed to anybody. And the facts stated in here is just based on my opinion and point of view. So, it does not necessarily represent the majority.
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    That's great then may I ask are you looking for criticism...

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    A place like no other!
    R.I.P Chattrafficclub :rippedhan

    ps: now go to warrior forum
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    What's up with the negative rep OP?
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    Are you looking for a new program?