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    Okay so it is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic forum. Don't worry I'm not one of the "fundamentalist" bronies. I saw the show about 10 months back, thought it was pretty cool and made a forum. Anyways it does pretty well for the niche. I get about 2M pageviews per month (my traffic is skyrocketing due to advertising and our mobile applications), getting about 30-100 new users a day currently, 800+ unique members a day, and we've got about 280k posts currently. I've monetized the site and mobile apps and am getting quite a fair amount of money from it. My main problem though is we are ranked #1 for "friendship is magic forums", "brony forums", "fim forums", and we're on the front page for "Friendship Is Magic" <-- the show's actual name.

    However we are nowhere to be seen for the search term "MLP forums" which hurts us. I'll have cash to spend after I pay for a project for the site so if I need any that shouldn't be a problem. I was thinking I could assign my staff team to tag all the MLP related threads as such but I'm not sure if it'll help. Also I heard that it helps if you enable the option to post the thread title in every post as the post title but it just seems like Google would find it repetitive for a thread with 100 replies to have the title in it 100 times. But idk much about SEO so I wasn't sure.

    Also, I'm running on vBulletin 4.x.x and have the most recent version of vbSEO

    The title of the site is "Friendship Is Magic" which is probably why we aren't pulling up for mlp forums but I do NOT want to change this as it is also similar to our domain (can't post it here)

    Any help would be super appreciated! Thanks :)