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hello :)

Can I get a sample?

Yes of course.
Sample report sent, plz check your inbox.
Looking forward for your order.

sample please

Sample report sent, plz check your inbox.
Looking forward for your order.

samples and discount code

Sample reports and discount code sent. Please check your inbox
Looking forward for your order.

Samples and codes

sample report and coupon code sent. Please check your Inboz
Looking forward for your order


could you share a sample?

Yes of course. Plz check your inbox
Im sure that you like our work and you give us an opportunity to work on your projects

thanks alot
Hello, can I have samples of the work you do ? Thank u..
hello :)

sample please

Sample report sent, Please check your inbox.
I m sure that you like our work

Can you work Serbian language site?

Yes of course, we can work on all Geo's and languages. Including Serbian Languages


Interested you service

Thanks :) do u want me to send the sample reports?

Please count me in review copy

Sorry, at this point of time we don't have review copies.
thanks for understanding.

can you give me a review copy?

Sorry, at this point of time we don't have review copies.
thanks for understanding.

Hello, can I have samples of the work you do ? Thank u..

Sample report sent, Please check your inbox.
I m sure that you like our work and you give us an opportunity to work on your projects

thanks a lot

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What information do You need?
Answer - Information Required.
  • URL of the site to promote.
  • Main Keywords (up to 5).
  • Email Id. ( for reports)

Question - Tell me more about your process?
Answer - Yes sure.
Firstly, we create 'Foundation Back Links'
Secondly, we create content like SEO Optimized Articles, HD Videos, Info-Graphics, Power Point Slide/Interactive Slide, PDF & Magazines and so on.
Lastly We use the content for Diversified Manual Link Building.

Can i see the Content before publish?
Answer - Yes of course.
Firstly We create the content. The content type we create includes the following:

  • Articles - We Create 400-500+ word article optimized for your choice of keywords
  • Photo Sharing - Create Images that are suitable for your chosen niche
  • Info-graphics - create Info graphics with PickToChart
  • PowerPoint and Doc sharing - Create PowerPoint Slides And PDF documents to create links on document sharing sites
  • Pod Casts - Create a Post-cast with test to speech software to create links on spoken word sites
  • Video Creation - Create Video with the help of Animoto or Camtasia for use on YouTube among-st others.
We send the Content Creation Report to you. We will Request you to Review the Content. Once you approve the content we will use the above content for the Link building.

Question - Where will you Place the Links?
Answer - We will Place links On the Sites Like YouTube, Slide share, Scribd, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Flickr and Many More.
Tier 1 Links
https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img921/7957/PbJ7MO.jpgTier 2 Links
Question - May I See the Sample Report?
Answer - Yes of course. Let us know in the thread.

Question - What is the Turn around time?
Answer - It depends upon your package.

Question - What kind of Report will I get?
Answer - We will send you content creation reports and the link building reports.

Question - Can You Work NON English sites?
Answer - Yes of-course. We are doing Multilingual SEO Since 2012. Thanks to, “Magnus”, Our client. We are doing SEO for NON English sites like Germany, Swedish, Italian, and many more.

Question - Do you accept Poker, Porn, and Gambling Sites?
Answer - Yes, We work on any niche around the planet.

Question - What’s your Refund policy?
Answer - We DO honor requests for the refund on the following reasons:

    • Non-delivery of the product
    • Major defects
    • Services is not-as-described

Important :-
In the unlikely event of a refund being necessary we will remove all our back Links to enable new SEO services to be undertaken from a clean slate via any other company that you appoint.

Question - What are the Payment options?
Answer - We are using 2checkout. You can buy our packages with help of credit card or Paypal
Recently we added few more payment options like

    • Stripe
Please do content us for other payment options.

Question - Do you offer Bulk Discounts?
Answer - Yes. Special Discount For Agency Partners. Contact me for details.

Contact Details:
Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/Lb4yRXLiI7Ph
WhatsApp Me: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919984399470
Email id: [email protected]
Website: https://www.luckydigitals.com/
Do you work with adult sites?

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