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    Being A Top Seller on Amazon Alexa

    If you are in need of a virtual assistant that communicates with you through voice, then pick Alexa from Amazon. It is the most advanced P.A. you can ask from technology from the Seattle-based company.

    Amazon already came up with the platform called Prime to help customers get their items quickly and safely, and now this innovation is going to improve their shopping experience. If they want something, all they have to do is say it to Alexa.

    If you compare it with iPhone’s Siri, you should know that this is more intelligent and powerful. Not only does it answer factual questions like Siri it can carry out a lot of different tasks around the house. It can order food for you, get you an Uber ride, play any song you want and pay the bills.

    You can control Alexa from your smartphone. Not only for customers, but Alexa also makes it easy to sellers as well. They can increase their chances of selling with this device. The representative of Amazon said the device utilizes Amazon’s Choice feature and make recommendations for product searches and the users can get a first-class product in no time.

    If you are a seller and need help with getting your product on top, this guide will tell you how you do that. So, next time when someone searches for a product, your items will appear first.

    1. Your Product Should be in Prime

    There are many rules when you want your products to be prime. When a customer takes advantage of Amazon Prime, it means they get their product within 48 hours. Therefore, you have to store your product at Amazon’s stock. To do that, you need to pay the monthly fees.

    2. Make Your Page Easy to View

    There are few methods you can try. The first one is to charm Facebook ads, email campaigns, and Amazon sales. It is significant that you are not directing individuals directly to the product page from a Facebook post or email because Amazon keeps an eye on conversions. On the other hand, if many people are viewing the product and not buying it, it will have an adverse impact on you. It is best to send the customers who are going to purchase the product.

    3. Have Product Ready

    Since you are serving the customers at Prime, shipping time is crucial. That is why you must have your products at the different warehouse of Amazon so that the delivery time is quick and short. For example, you send your product to the warehouse in Pennsylvania and some of other states, and in that way, the customer will get your item fast.

    4. Pay Attention to Reviews

    If consumers are just buying your product and not commenting about it, that will be a loss for you. Encourage both positive and negative reviews. If a customer writes about their problem with the item, try to solve the issue & reply over there. Also, ask the happy consumers to give reviews as it will help you.

    5. Optimize Your Products for SEO

    It is not the same as Google SEO so follow the steps below to make your product appear first. Amazon does not care about CTR. To get into Amazon Choice, follow the steps below


    Put images on superior quality. They should be at least 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. The PC user should be able to zoom and inspect the item closely.


    When you search for an item in Amazon, such as a beard trimmer, you will see the title tells, you everything unlike other sites. On other ecommerce sites, you will see the product can be Wahl beard trimmer. In Amazon, you will see the title is like this “Black Wahl Beard Trimmer Rechargeable Cordless Men Beard Mustache Trimmer”. Refer to Amazon’s instructions about what kind of title matches your items.

    Description and Bullets

    Even though the description and bullet will not affect your ranking, it can get the customers to know more about the product you are selling. It will increase your chance of selling & creates indirect impact over ranking.


    Keyword is important in Amazon and use it as much as you can to improve your ranking. You do not need to keep on repeating just like in Google. As a seller, you should use all the keyword you can think of in the planned keyword part on the rear end of a product listing. It is imaginable to put upwards of seven words each text box, and you should fill them up with every thinkable appropriate keyword.

    Structured Data

    Customers use the filter to find their desired item so make sure that what you are selling shows up when the consumers it. Structuring your data properly can allow the customers to find your item through the filter.

    Use Every Opening for Selling

    The Amazon Business — Focus on making your products easily available on searches. The program disclosures goods to a different class of purchasers. Amazon Business clienteles arrive at the site over a somewhat dissimilar portal where things frequently have wholesale pricing selections.

    Business Report — Another significant tool for a seller to use it to comprehend a merchandise’s SEO outcomes is the Amazon Sales and Traffic Report. In the report, you can check the statics such as returning traffic.

    Put Emphasis on Conversions

    Lastly, if you are a seller concentrate on conversions. When you have an original product that requires those initial sales, try utilizing the website’s sponsored ad program to get customers to the merchandise webpage. Amazon’s ads are cheap unlike Google ads and they bring huge traffic.

    You should try momentarily offering your merchandise at less price to encourage the preliminary sales.

    Giveaways and False Reviews — Amazon is careful about sellers using black hat techniques so do not think huge giveaways will help you. It encourages false reviews that is why it is not going to be effective in your business. Never, try for any black-hat methods specifically FALSE Reviews & Votings.


    Here are the main points for appearing first when someone looks for a product using Amazon Alexa. For more understanding and details, refer to Amazon’s guidelines.
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