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    Improve your Search Engine ranking and SEO by providing changing, context-relevant news stories on your web site using our NewsFeed.php script. Improve your viewers interest and return visits. Automatically keep your site's content fresh and current with daily relevant news stories.

    NewsFeed.php is a file containing a PHP script that you copy and paste into your web page to provide dynamic, current day news items on that page. The news items are selected based on keyword phrases that YOU set. So, the news is relevant to the content of your page/site.

    Features of NewsFeed.php code:
    - Automatically provides daily-updated, context-relevant content for your site
    - Generates ever-changing search engine compatible text content on the page
    - Dynamically gets current news stories based on keyword phrases
    - User may set keyword phrases to customize news item results
    - User may set number of desired news items to return
    - Easily incorporated into any web page
    - Easy to customize, even by non-programmers
    - Written in compatible PHP code
    - Come complete with instructions

    Examples of it's use and the resulting news items may be seen on the following sites:
    www .ArtfulWebSites.Com/NewsFeedSample.html
    www .BalloonDealers.com
    www .BasicBurger.com
    www .BikeCourses.com
    www .GolfAndBeer.com
    www .KnittingOutlets.com
    www .ShoppingInPuertoRico.com
    www .ShoppingInSantaFe.com
    www .ShopsInLasVegas.com
    www .ShopsInTheUSA.com
    www .StrictlyCDs.com
    www .TheMoneyPress.com
    www .WiiTechOnline.com

    - User should have some basic familiarity with web page coding
    - Web host must support PHP v4.3 or higher
    - If you want to use the NewsFeed PHP code in an existing HTML file,
    your Web Host must allow interpretation of PHP code within .html file types
    (Check with your Web Host support for this setting)

    You can ask any questions in this thread.

    Purchase of individual unlimited license for $10. may be made by PayPal payment to: sales(at)ArtfulWebSites.com - please specify "NewsFeed script" when you order.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.