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Impossible healthcare costs for my high school youth minister, amazing woman...

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by tjtigers14, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Feb 7, 2012
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    So this woman named Mary Jo was my youth minister back when I was involved with the Catholic Church. But she was never willing to bend to their closed-minded and ridiculous ideologies. She refused to teach us that gay marriage or abortion were bad, and had us explore other spiritualities. She was open-minded in a church that has always been the antithesis of open-minded.

    She is one of the kindest and devoted people I've ever met, and I feel like she represented the BHW ideology by refusing to adhere to the Catholic Church's TOS to actually help teenagers grow through their high school years.

    I was really involved and she taught me how to lead. Seriously lead. We planned retreats, mission trips to rebuild houses in Flint, MI (nearing 40% unemployment rate), Sunday mornings passing out food and clothes to the homeless of Detroit, and other things. The things she taught me about leadership are really the foundation of my businesses today, they affect how I manage my employees and view the world.

    But eventually the church changed priests, and the new priest was one of the super-conservative priests, and gave her the boot as fast as possible. And then she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

    Anyway, she's going into her 3rd round of treatment for colon cancer and their healthcare costs are sky high. She had not found a job with benefits yet (during the first 2 rounds of chemo she was earning a bachelors degree and just finished) and anyone in America knows how fucked the system is for people with little to no insurance. (I think her husband has insurance but cancer treatment costs will max out an average health insurance plan so damn quickly)

    Anyway, long story short, if you have any spare change it would be great if you could donate to her fund on GoFundMe. I feel a strong attachment to this woman who helped influence my life, think outside the box and really embodies the ideals of BHW...here's the link:


    Hope this isn't perceived as begging, I am really passionate about this...

    My dad lost the fight last year, and I was able to help my mom pay the bills last year (she had pretty great insurance though), but I really don't want to see another person who has the ability to leave a positive impact on the world leave it too soon...

    Cancer fucking sucks