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important issue about whatsapp channeks / senders must read

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mzahlag, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. mzahlag

    mzahlag Newbie

    Oct 16, 2014
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    hi there

    this is my first post to share my information about some thing and i hope this will be useful for all of you who is interested in this subject

    so lets start

    about 3 months ago i decided to earn extra money online so i was searching about different methods

    and i found that bulk msgs on whatsapp are the best way to gain my goal i started to search a lot and finally i found my way

    but there was a problem it was called whatsapp channels / senders you have to buy them and i had no clue how to generate them

    and you know people here most of them wont share you an info they would rather to sell it for you so i had some digging and i found about wart and yowsub

    so what i did i automated some project in zenoposter that would bring me pinger numbers and it was very helpful it can make 3000 numbers in 24 hours only

    but the real head each was you have to register them on whatsapp one by one so i had to automate this also i worked on it and when it finished i tested it it was working 1000%

    i always say i have a bad luck so next day when i was really starting to make some channels for my self

    what happen it always give me bad param so i had to wait and wait and then i decided to email whatsapp support i told them im using VoIP numbers

    and it wont register they emailed this back to me yesterday ( to late to replay )

    but because i didn't want to wait so long i had to make some channels using real sim cards even before whatsapp support replay to me so i started doing this but unfortunately i cant automated it have to use real people to do it and now i have a team of 4 working for me

    so be careful out there if somebody offered you channels (specially from us ) it might be that he or she is searching for insecure channels , gather them and sell them to you

    these channels wont be so helpful because any body can use them beside you ( do not waist your money ) always ask and confirm that they are secured channels

    if you find this post helpful don't forget to thank

    lets here your experience on this if you would like to share
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  2. tcrossman

    tcrossman Newbie

    Apr 13, 2011
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    Thanks for the info mzahlag.
    There are many providers of channels on BHW these days.