Important: Buyers & Sellers - Beware Of Duplicates


Dec 19, 2009
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So, I have seen a lots of complaints about duplicate skype scams, I myself got affected a few times already. I got a PM from someone asking which one is my original..

I was shocked to see the screenshot he sent to me, he mentioned in his skype like "Beware of scammers"


The original one is on the top with exact username of "SEOWAYS". But that scammer created a duplicate and asking everyone to be aware of the original (me). That buyer confirmed me in PM (he sent messages to both skypes, you can see in the SS. I told him to send me his Skype name, he didnt respond me after this,I guess he should already be in the trap of that scammer. I feel pity on him rather than feeling bad for losing him as a client.

I thought of sharing something here so we can avoid such scams in future. We can do this only by together.

For Buyers,

1. Confirm the Skype name of sellers by PM or Send your skype name and ask them to add you.
2. Never agree to pay through BTC and other wallets where you can't file disputes. Its your money, You have to decide how to pay.
3. Try to pay through Forms linked with sales thread so you can be sure you are paying to the right person.
4. Clear all your doubts before paying.
5. Suspect everyone who agrees to all of your terms and concentrating only to get your money.

For Sellers:

1. Alert all your existing clients by letting them know about this. Through Skype or mail or by whatever the way you got.
2. Its also to alert them even when they are dealing with other sellers. No buyers should be affected no matter if he is your client or others.
3. Try asking your buyers to pay through online forms linked with your sales threads. Its must safer to both sides.
4. Try to keep conversations though PM or Webmail - So your buyers wont be scammed by those who use random mails or duplicate skypes.

For BlackHatWorld:

I am no big guy to recommend this but a small suggestion which can help hundreds of buyers. I dont think sellers would be affected with this, its only buyers who get scammed everyday.

We have an option of keeping our Skype name in our Profile in BHW, It was available in vBulletin template, Xenforo doesn't have this option it seems. Please try to bring that option if any possibilities are there. Also, BHW officials can open an alert thread and stick it on the top of all sections for a week or two. You guys can also add an alert message while sending BHW Newsletters.

Others, Can you also share your ideas here to stop these scams in future?

Lets try our best to avoid these scams in future. Thanks.