Important: Adsense throttles revenue/performance (+ proof)

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    Hey guys,
    I've several Adsense accounts for years. On the first screenshot you can see some ordinary days of one of my accounts:


    Don't care about the exactly numbers but look at the performance. The ratio between pageviews and impressions = 40-50%. The ratio between impressions and clicks = 15-20%. The CPC = 2 cent. Nothing special and I've the same performance with all of my accounts.

    Three of my videos are very popular in the last days. My views are increased from 30.000 to 100.000+ views per day. If you look at my performance you would think: 100.000 views = 50.000 impressions (50%) = 10.000 clicks (20%). 10.000 clicks × 2 cent (CPC) = 200€/day.

    But look at my true results:


    As you can see: My performance has decreased dramatically. The ratio between page views and impressions is still fine (40-50%) but the ratio between impressions and clicks is horrible (15-20% before; 1,5% today). The reason can be: They don't place pre-, mid- and post-roll ads on my videos anymore. I think they only show the "display ads" and that's why the ad impressions are still high but the clicks are low (because no one is clicking on display ads). This is the way how they throttle the performance/revenue. Another indication is: Look at the "Active Time Visibility" (90% before; 30% today). The Active Time Visibility shows the visibility of the ads on a webseite. Display ads are just in the upper edge (less visibility) and pre-, mid- and post-roll ads are placed on the whole video window. So this is another proof that they don't place pre-, mid- and post-roll ads on my videos anymore.

    - I didn't upload new videos. So you can't say: "Oh, he uploaded some 10 second clips, they've gone viral and that's why the performance is different/bad." (If this would be the reason I would make the same money as before on 30.000 views per day (30-40€). But I make less money with 100.000+ views than with 30.000 views before (25-30€). So they've throttled the performance of these three videos that have performed good before).
    - My three videos that are popular right now are nothing else than my other hundreds of videos (same niche, same keywords, same description etc. - nothing special).
    - Before the three videos became popular they performed normal
    - I've checked the monetization options and everything is fine
    - No strikes or something else
    - No bots or fake views. I've checked the Analytics and the views are constant + playtime, comments, likes etc. are fine + the views are not coming from strange countries or something (so the views are 100% organic).

    I'm in this game since 2013 and I always had the feeling that Adsense won't let you rush from 0 to 100. If you're growing too fast they'll throttle the performance. I guess they'll increase the performance slowly when they see that my views are constant during the next days/weeks. But this is important for everyone, because: If you're someone who's focused on trending niches (presidential election, sports events or burning knife^^ etc.) and try to be the first who's uploading a video's not worth in my opinion because Adsense will throttle your performance. I've done the same some years ago and got (hundred) thousands of views within a short time. I've always wondered why I didn't make the big sums but I couldn't explain. But now it's more than obvious that Adsense throttles the performance.

    Would be nice to read you opinions/experiences.

    Bye, Pinger030
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    It's a nice theory that has been around a long time and I'm sure we all had that feeling that it's throttled. But earnings may be off for a variety of reasons, for example time of day of your spike, day of week, different demographic watching your video, different advertiser budget, manual exclusion of your site/channel by advertisers, etc.

    I've been using AdSense for 10 years and have seen countless counter examples. I'm attaching a recent one on YouTube, you can clearly see that the views spike correlates to the revenue spike.

    My best advice is to continue doing what brings you traffic spikes and if you manage to reproduce it often enough, revenue will follow (apart from the other obvious benefits of more views such as increasing channel subs and authority).

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    yeah, good opinion, but i guess i be happy for u because me too in this year i don't make money like you, if i can too make like 20-40 euros daily (for me would be good too 10 euros daily too) like you i would be happy too for the result because it's difficult make money constantly like you :( i hope i can find a good niche for youtube/adsense and make a good channel and website and have too the same result ^^