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    Today I am going to share with you great idea about importance of Google plus for SEO or getting good ranking in Google search.

    We everybody want our website keep top 10 position in Google search against any good keyword search result. But most of us can?t do this. For thos people I can gonna provide good news that Google plus is great tools for all of you.

    Suppose your targeted keyword ? way to make money from online? and your Google search ranking position is 100+.

    Now suppose you have Google plus account and you have 10,000 circles in that account. Now you just add Google plus button to your website and like your website by using your 10,000 circles Google plus account.

    There is tricks

    From that day all your circles friend when will search anything that is related your website keyword they will get first page your website search result.

    But they must need log in that Gmail account so most people keed open Gmail account.

    So if you can build good targeted circles you don?t need do any other SEO just do this tricks and do enjoy.

    To get more visit

    Thank you.
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    I think that is pretty neat but one thing to think about is, I'm not sure google plus is going to catch on like they want it to.

    google plus isn't going to replace facebook or twitter so essentially google is asking people to add another thing into their social routine online and that is alot to ask for.
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