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Importance of Evergreen content and their ways to make??

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Monsterer, May 10, 2017.

  1. Monsterer

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    Nov 26, 2015
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    Content types that gain the most Engagement and Links

    What type of content should we create?

    Answering for this question is still much difficult.

    The word of content today is crazy, with literally growing by the second. The content opportunities are more numerous.

    Why Invest in Content today?

    The answer to this one is very easy - because creating organic traffic, brand enriching content is the only way to get noticed today.

    In a world where Ad blockers make it difficulty to buy attention. 83% of people today have the intention they could get attention by ads and millions of brands trying to notice their customers.

    So, there arises a question sustaining in online is harder than ever???

    Recent years, the way people would select the brands and products has changed. Today people don't want to be hard solid into products and they are not attracted into it. Instead of material they need trust.

    Here the Content comes.... as a Trust...

    Here the few ways that are worth in every time, effort and investment we put into them.

    1. Authoritative Blog posts:

    Blog posts can play a major role and it is the common place to invest for a good reason.Authoritative blog posts would be reasonable for consumer questions and more attention into complex topics. Especially, we have more attention on what niche blog we are covering. More likely the posts are to become evergreen content people visit again and again it is the importance of Authoritative blog posts.

    2. Infographics :

    It is an excellent way to make more attention of the content.
    These are the link magnets and lucrative for all kind of brands cause it produce the high level of awareness and engagement results. According to B2B content marketing tactic Infographic way plays a major growth.

    Why it is so popular?

    The answer is it is has the most valuable content . Instead of only reading, it has the innovative and creativity to read any kind of an article.

    The combination of reading with the creativeness has the lucrative method for evergreen content.

    3. How - to content? :

    Firstly, how to content is important because it applies to all industries and valuable to learn something new.

    How - to content? It is flexible and it can be in the form of an article and podcasts.

    If you are going to create how to content the largest consideration is to ensure the topic you choose is one your readers are hungry for?

    For best result - you have to look through your Q&A section or identify a common question you get through your customer service mail.

    4. Trending content:

    Are you looking for fast results and to drive a lot more traffic to your site in short span of time? you must have the trending material with you.

    Trending content is typically designed for social media for social media and to go viral. The value of this content is to drive more traffic to a specific domain or page.

    To keep in mind, unlike authoritative blog posts with a long life, trending content is designed to be flash-in-the-pan fast and it won't always maintain its popularity beyond a few weeks.

    5. Video content :

    Recent years, video content has blown up and for a specific portion of a web traffic.

    Now, Facebook users are spending 3x as much time watching live videos than traditional videos.

    Video content is projected to represent 75% of all web traffic by the end of this year and in upcoming years it crossed more than 80% of web traffic.

    Compared to normal content 4x more readers will highly interested to watch a video rather than read a normal article.

    With all these things, video content is a relevant and lucrative type to invest today..

    Finally, the importance of content is Ever green, so make your site content more reasonable and more unique to be attract.:)
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    Good one..
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