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Importance of Content in Affiliate Marketing

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Diamond Damien, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Diamond Damien

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    Oct 27, 2005
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    Importance of Content in Affiliate Marketing

    So you believed all those stories of average Joe's making good money over the internet by setting up a website? Don?t they sound too good to be true? Well, actually they are not true. It is not possible to make money in the field of affiliate marketing with just an ordinary website. Ultimately affiliate marketing is a job whose success depends on attracting a large number of traffic. But why would people visit your website, if it is not enticing enough? A site has to be attractive as well as informative in addition of being user-friendly. How do you ensure these qualities in your website? It is simple; adorn your website with quality content and it will be hard for you to keep a count on the clicks that your website receives everyday.

    As an affiliate what you do is send the visitors from your site to the merchant?s site, where these visitors can make some transactions with the merchant. So first you will need a traffic pool to your website. This task is fulfilled by the rich and reflective contents. Informative contents written in a lucid way draw and retain the attention of the customers. It is again the skillfully written and strategically placed contents that will induce the customers to visit the merchant?s site. Now the merchant?s website should be equally attractive with well written product descriptions or apt but informative sales copies. So it is ultimately the content that helps you to hit the bull?s eye that is, making the customers buy the product that is being promoted by your affiliate website. So when it comes to the quality of the content for your website, you can never afford to make any compromises.

    When you are going to create a website, remember this fact: developing contents for a website involves a different skill set than just generating write-ups for print media. The contents that are going to be used in commercial websites that are promoting certain products must be clear, concise and lucid. The literary type essays written in complex English generally fail to attract the common visitors and thus fail to generate adequate sales leads. Moreover, web contents must be written by keeping in mind the demands of the search engines, so that the articles containing relevant key words show good results in the popular search engines like Google.

    So if you are going to join the affiliate bandwagon, never dare to ignore the importance of the contents of your website. If you are not confident enough at generating quality contents yourself, you can hire a good web content writer with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting experience.
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  2. balsagoth007

    balsagoth007 BANNED BANNED

    Oct 30, 2010
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    Great post. Thanks DD.
  3. psychodelic2

    psychodelic2 Junior Member

    Sep 29, 2011
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    for sure content is king. also engaging stuff and not being caught cheatng is key
  4. ppcmaster

    ppcmaster Elite Member

    Dec 26, 2008
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    Very well put! Sometimes I have a tough time convincing my customers to pay for quality content. Content quality can't be measured by paragraphs, words or keyword density.