Implementing an adult method - need some help

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    Hey guys!

    After some bad results with the " classic " CPA , i moved to Adult CPA because sex sells, for sure. I've just registered an account with Crackrevenue ( waiting for approval) , Peerfly and DatingGold. Some others good ?

    This community has taught me that to be successful in making money you have to read, learn and try many strategies to see what works best for you.

    I've got a very good amount of Italian Adult traffic to drive to...

    So i'm asking myself...

    What is the main characteristic of adult traffic ? They only want to jerk off, this is only instinct they have. It's totally irrational. We must exploit it. They have to start jerking!

    How ?

    There are three possible ways to do this :

    1 - Drive my adult traffic to a fake video screenshot like this, and when you click play it redirects to my CPA adult offer that say " To watch the video you must register/sign up/download/ecc..." . In this case the adult video to watch doesn't exist and i think this kind will not convert so much.


    Can someone advice me on what kind of CPA Network / Offers have this kind of market and how can i do this stuff ? Programming code ?

    2 - Drive my traffic adult to a REAL adult Video ( what about a place to host the video ?) . They start to watch it, and after 10 second the video freezes and then my Adult CPA offers comes out and say " To CONTINUE watching this video you must register/ sign up / download ecc..."

    I prefer this method because it has a high convert, because the video exist and they are starting to jerk and want to continue to watch the video.

    I have no idea how can i do this 2 method. Can someone help me ?



    Am I doing something wrong ?

    I know it isn't a brilliant idea but it can be implemented very well, with the right help.

    Please answer in detail and so many, I have a great desire to learn.

    Thank you so much.