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    Hi guys I was hoping you may help me, im from Venezuela and I own a security company
    ?we work in the CCTV area and we have several clients and most of the time no complains about the brands I?ve put in their places? I used to buy for my clients the cheaper but now I?ve learned I was wrong, by having bad experiences ? so now I prefer to ask for the best and to let the clients know is important to do the things right? well?to the point, one of my clients asked me for some spy cameras, like those that comes in a pencil, or in a watch, I want to know what is the best to give to him cuz is a friend of mine and he planned to invest in some of this,? I?ve search in google and there is people having all that stuffs in one place I think it?s called Ankaka? so I don?t know, I will like to have some orientation in that area and about that cuz it seems to be the right choice to me?and I wanna kno how many days take to come to my place. Sorry I know my English is not too good, the little I know I?ve learned by myself so far, thanks to rock and roll music and good movies from USA , lol.
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    ummm CCTV area? whats that? Im from China, and i can easily get those "spy gadgets", we surely got a lot of such things, the problem is, whether it can easily send to your country lol

    im pretty sure you can get those things in your country!