Imogen Heap - New, Fresh and Real music!

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    So, I'm a huge fan of british singer-writer-producer "do it all" woman, Imogen Heap..

    This lady writes, composes, produces, records, all her own music, and had her breakthough years in 2005-2006 when her music was featured in a bunch of movies and TV Shows like The Chronicles of Narnia (Main movie theme) , Garden Estate, The OC...
    You might have heard a song by her called "Hide and Seek". lovely work..

    Check her out on youtube, or imeem

    Here is my favorite song by her.. it's called Clear the area.. from her album "speak for yourself' which he recorded, composed, produced and distributed herself.. selling 1 million copies worldwide!

    PM me and ill send you a link to her album on rapidshare :)

    Hope you like her, its contagious, just... good music.