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Dec 23, 2018
Hello all,

Looking for a way (plugin) to import all IMDB movies and tv shows to my wordpress movie site. Must be updated regulary with the newest movies and tv shows. For example (but this is not Wordpress)

Thank you all for helping :)
If you go the custom route you would probably:

- Have a cron job that calls a wp-cli command every day or so, and that command executes a shell script file on the server
- That file does the heavy lifting like fetching data and files from the IMDB API with Linux/Unix tools curl, wget and whatnot
- By going through wp-cli you can push all the content into WordPress in a robust way, and you can easily access the WP database this way. Also no timeout issues by doing this with wp-cli, from outside of the web WP admin
as @Festinger Vault said, try the above plugin. this is VERY easy to do on wordpress. most of them use TMDB but movie themes and scrapers and very common for wordpress to produce exactly the same result as the demo
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