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    For years now i have used only POP 3 with outlook, but now that got a notebook i would like to be able to retrieve my mail from the notebook when i am on the road.

    I have about 200 email accounts, and in Outlook it was fine because all incoming mail went to a single inbox and same with send mail.
    However now that i start to set up IMAP accounts in Outlook i notice each account have its own inbox, sent, trash and junk. This sucks and will take me forever to check my email.

    Is there a way to just have 1 Inbox \ Trash \ Junk and Sent folder when using Outlook with IMAP

    I was thinking to do one of 2 things:

    Option 1:
    Keep on using POP3 but select the option to leave the message on the server and remove when deleted.

    Question with this option:
    If i have allready opened a email say on the notebook and marked it as read, will it then still show the email when i go to my desktop.

    Option 2:
    Use the IMAP but in outlook create a rule to deliver new email to the default 1 INBOX and trash to deleted, sent to sent etc..

    Question with this option:
    If i move the email by using rule from the imap account inbox to the default Outlook Inbox, will a copy still remain on the server so it could be accessed by another machine -- untill such time it is deleted. Or will IMAP consider that if no longer in the imap account inbox then it is deleted.

    Hope there are any Outlook \ IMAP guru's that could help with this question