Imagine you were a Record label Executive ...from a blackhat stand point

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    Ok, take a moment...and imagine u were record label Executive, and u were marketing music 100% online, and your goal was to force it down peoples throat. How would you go about it from a blackhat stand point. i have a lot of ideas, but i like being creative with ideas also...and who else to ask but a bunch of
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    Twist the old YouTube methods. Grab a bunch of silly/funny/stupid pet video clips, create compilation video from them, add your music as soundtrack, add your band name, URL, song title and etc. as text overlay and up to YT - then "create" views and comments to get it going.

    Do same with cute/funny babies/kids videos... crushing football hits videos... the list goes on and on.

    Just mention the soundtrack music/band as if you are a fan (borrowing their song) and not associated with them so there's no direct connection between the videos and you or the artist.
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