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[IMACROS] How to report incorrectly solved captchas to DBC?

Discussion in 'General Scripting Chat' started by HoNeYBiRD, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. HoNeYBiRD

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    May 1, 2009
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    First of all, i'm not a coder, so please bear with me.

    I'd need help with a macro i'm trying to build in iMacros, the macro is functioning as it is, but i'd like to pimp it a bit to make it more perfect.

    The macro is incorporated with deathbycaptcha's captcha solving, so what i'd like to do is report the incorrectly solved captchas to DBC, because the captchas i'm trying to get solved are Google's fuckin recaptchas and sometimes - especially when DBC is overloaded - the success rate is utter shit (~10%), which brings down the overall success rate below 50% and i would prefer not to pay for these incorrectly solved captchas.

    What the macro should do:
    If a specific text (error message) can be found on a page (aka the captcha was solved incorrectly), the macro would go to DBC to report the incorrectly solved captcha then continue to the next step, if that specific text cannot be found (aka the captcha was solved correctly), the macro would continue to the next step without the reporting part obviously.

    So let's see this through an example:
    Captcha solving result comes back from DBC incorrectly and when this incorrect result gets submitted, this error message gets shown on page: "ERROR: Wrong captcha"
    After the submission, if this text of the error message is represent on the page, the macro would extract the TXT using the EXTRACT command, then it would tell itself to continue to DBC's reporting page using the URL GOTO command. If the text of the error message cannot be found, the macro would just continue to the next step.

    I can extract the error message and i also can do the reporting on DBC once i'm already there, but i'm missing the inbetween 'then it would tell itself to continue' part which would hook the whole process together. I'm not entirely sure, but i think the missing part can be done with the SET !VAR1 EVAL imacros command + using javascript if else command and that's where i got stuck.

    I hope it's clear enough what i'm trying to achieve here exactly. :)
    I'd prefer to use the macro with the Firefox or IE addon and not the scripting interface, because the macro uses an addon which is available for FF and IE, but not for the scripting interface.
    I'm open to any other suggestion, if this can't be done the way i expect to be done.

    This can come in handy and would spare a bit of money for anybody who uses DBC w/ iMacros and would rather not pay for incorrectly solved captchas.