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    So I'm actually doing and trying out a method that marusia posted about tumblr . I already got the scheduling of posts coded with imacros but I want to automate the process of getting the links of the pictures from the address bar. what I do is go to google and search for pictures then open a ton of tabs and save the links of the pictures one by one to a csv but doing this is too time consuming for me and would like to automate it some way. What I want is a way for me to count the number of tabs open so i can set the imacros to loop the same number of the open tabs. Another idea of mine is how can i check if i only have 1 tab left and is it possible to have an if statement with imacros? . Last idea is, is it possible to make imacros to like go back to line 1 just before it goes to the last line where I save the data because I'm thinking after it has looped x number of times then make it go to the line where I save the data

    Set Loop
    TAB T=1
    Tab Close

    This is what my code looks like so far which is pretty bare i know