imacros error runtime'6' how to solve this problem?


Dec 11, 2008
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I download imacros Scripting Edition trial version and install it(use windows xp). i run imacros but it show runtime error '6' overflow. I try install it over and over again but can't run imacros. how to solve this problem(please step by step)? please help me.....

Try free version, plugin for firefox, it's works fine
imacros can record what are we doing on our browser, then we can play the script repeatedly. The record file save as script, so we can edit the script as we like. We can custom the script. It's a good tools for automatic repeated job
Free version not Extract web page data fuction. i need use Scripting Edition. nobody know about this error let tell me please.
Delete, and re-install, if still getting error. Download older version and delete your current and install the rolled back version. They just did an update recently, it could be conflicting with one of your resident programs.
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