I'm Willing to Pay Up to $300 a Month for This


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Nov 9, 2009
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I'm looking to be able to post my articles (short three to four hundred word articles) on a website/blog/article directory....wherever, as long as they are in a location that is indexed by google.

The articles are NOT duplicate content and are written by me, from scratch, every day.

If the website is a PR 4, I'm willing to pay $150 a month
If the website is a PR 5-6 I'm willing to pay $200 a month
If it is PR 7 or above, I'm willing to pay $300 a month

Each article will have ONE link back to my website. The link is a NOFOLLOW link, so you will have no PR leakage because of the link.

The link DOES NOT link back to an illegal/questionable site. It is a fully indexed site that is not on any "bad lists" so you don't have to worry about damaging your site's PR that way either.

The reason I'm willing to pay for this and am not just submitting my articles to other article directories that are free is because I submit anywhere from 4-7 articles a week.

Each article is "promotional" in nature, so most article directories end up not allowing me to post my articles because of "self-promotion"

I've had the articles I'm writing approved by EzineArticles and other places that have pretty high standards, but as I said, the volume of similarity of each article eventually causes the sites to stop allowing me to post them.

As for the "niche" of the website I'm looking to post my articles on, I don't care what it is. If you'd like to make sure that the "continuity" of your site isn't damaged by my articles (if they aren't related to your site in anyway...which they probably won't be), it might be a good idea to create a seperate section on your site that isn't easily gotten to by a visitor.

I'm not looking for visitors that are reading my articles while browsing your site, I'm looking for visitors that come to read the article by way of Google and what they searched for.

This is a VERY serious offer. I'm already partnered with two other sites and am looking for just one more.

You will get your payment UP FRONT!
Please read the whole first post before PM'ing me...

I keep getting PM's that say "I can do this work, let me know" That doesn't make any sense at all. I'm not looking for anybody to do work for me. Please read the post!
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