IM veterans and new comers

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    IM veterans and new comers

    To the veterans and new comers, whether your making 1 cent per day, $10 per day, $100 per day or more. Don't give up. It IS possible.

    To the new comers
    You WILL see different E-Books, WSO's, different websites/methods, everything galore. You WILL feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that is brought before you. But before you go all-out try tons of method's and possibly fail, remember this. "It's not about who gets there first, as long as you get there". That will hold true from your first day of IM, to your very last. Don't expect to start making $100 a day or even $10 a day in your first month in IM. The "get rich overnight" hype is just what people want you to think when you start in the IM business. Some things you SHOULDN'T do when first starting out:

    - Buy e-books
    --They tell you the basic things and/or strategies you can find pretty much anywhere. Here at BHW, DP, WSO, or pretty much any money making forum on the net.

    - Buy tools
    --All they do(most of the time) is automate the process of things that are usually done by hand or via outsourcing.

    - PTC / Investment schemes.
    --PTC, you will make pennies on, but most of the time they don't pay out.
    --Investment schemes, they make it seem glorious that you can invest $xx and receive so much over a certain time period then pay you back out once you reach so much or after so long. Now by investment schemes I don't mean stock trading, stock trading is VERY lucrative(chance to make/loose money quick) but with that you need A LOT of money to start out with. I personally wouldn't ever recommend it.

    - Start your own business
    -- I've personally made this mistake. Started my own business, with everything from web-hosting, to PTC, to GPT(Get Paid To) sites. Pretty much you name it, I've tried to make a little business out of it. Now, I know it's everyone's dream(or at least it was mine) to have their own business. But I wouldn't recommend it for just starting out. You can try it, maybe you'll get lucky, but chances are you won't. Don't let that discourage you though, one day if you keep at it, you can find something that sincerely interests you and you can make a real, legit business out of it.

    Making Money Online
    Some ways to start making something online.

    - Emailing
    --Now with emailing theres a few ways to go about this. You can go the non-can-spam compliance way(true spam) or the can-spam-compliant way(non-spam.

    -- The non can-spam compliant(true spam) way you will need to send out massive amounts(depending on what you market). Some things to say away from when you first start out RX(prescription medications) emailing, thats pretty much the one that yes you can make a lot of money with, but you don't really want to get into that first off. For this, it is highly recommended you get an offshore Dedicated server. For the simple reason of, you will need to send out mass amounts of emails in a short amount of time, and time is money in this business. You will need to send out millions of emails multiple times per day to really get anywhere in this business. Now with this way, you are indeed facing federal jail time if you do get caught, that's the reason for the off-shore server. They usually run cheap, about $100(if that) for a half-decent one.

    -- Can-spam compliant this takes some time to get it going(months if not years even) you need to build a good website(or multiple ones) and have people subscribe to your email list. One key with emailing - the more information the better, but most people won't give up too much personal information. Main things you want are the following: Name, State, City, Email. For the reason of you can make it seem personal to the people. For example:
    Hey John Doe, There's this company that contacted me and they are looking to do a giveaway to promote their business in the Las Vegas, Nevada area so I thought I would send you an email to see if you where interested. If you are, here's the link - 
    link goes here
    You favorite blogger
    opt-out information goes here
    Thats another key thing thats REQUIRED to make it can-spam compliant, to have opt-out information, so if the user(s) don't want to receive your emails anymore, they can opt-out of the emailing which basically means to "cancel the subscription" of your emailing. With that, you don't want to send massive amounts of emails to your list per day. Maybe once or twice a week, if not once or twice per month.

    -Creating websites
    --You can create websites. Theres a few different ways you can approach this. You can go for the autoblogs, the "real blogs", micro niche blogs. I will touch on those three. There's a few others out there too.

    You can go about this two main ways. Have your main domain with separate folders(directories) on the domain such as: or you can have subdomains Both work equally well.
    You NEED to do your research on whatever niche you wish to use. You need to narrow it down to something like this.

    Now let's break that down
    The-Black-Berry part it will help for your SERPS(Search Engine Result Pages) so people that goto google or yahoo or bing will type in "Blackberry" will have a higher chance of coming to your website

    the "/Phones/" part
    it will help your SERPS even more so if they go and look for "BlackBerry Phones" they will have a higher chance of finding your page.

    the "/blackberry curve/" part will do the same as explained above

    the "/8330" part will do the same.

    Now the reasoning for this, it will help you stay organized too. You can do it like this if you wish.

    and so on and so forth, it will make it easier for you to stay organized and help with your SERPS.

    After you have your blog(s) setup and established, you should do some SEO on them and in order to make money on them, you will need to of course, monetize them.
    Two of the most popular ways to monetize them would be the following -
    Google Adsense
    Signup here -
    Signup Here -
    --The real blog way.
    You may of heard of "LockerGnome" aka "Chris Pirillo" he makes his living off of real-blogging and he lives quite nice. He makes his youtube video's and his google adsense shows on his video's and on his website. People click on them he gets paid, simple as that. Now mind you , this takes A LONG time, months, if not years to get to an OKAY amount.

    --MicroNiche blogs. You basically create one website for one keyword and thats that.
    example, if "IPAD 2 sweettarts application" was a "hot keyword" you could go about it like this

    therefore if someone goes to a search engine and types in 'ipad 2 sweettarts application' theres a high chance they will see your site.

    With Microniche websites, thats all I can pretty much say because I don't want to lead anyone in the wrong direction because I haven't really touched on them myself.

    -Programming(my favorite)
    --With programming, I personally feel it is essential to IM. You can take tasks as you see fit and automate them, tasks that I have that usually would take me hours and hours of doing this or that, I could condense 3 hours of work into a program that automatically does it for me while im working on something else, now it may or may not take the same amount of time, but while the programs doing what I made it do, I can be working on something else.
    You can learn a few different languages such as - C++, Visual Basic, Python, Pearl, Java, VBScript
    Website/Scripting wise - MySQL, Javascript, PHP, AJAX, VBScript, HTML, CSS

    If you learn how to code/script "the world is your oyster" you can create your own themes for websites, create your own custom websites, create your own programs and sell them, you can pretty much be a "merchant" if you would like to call it that. People will pay you for your work/knowledge.

    CPA/Cost Per Action.

    You can make quite a bit with this, there's a few different types of things to promote with CostPerAction.
    One of the most popular kinds is Email Submits/Zip Submits. Now this goes with what I said before about emailing. Companies pay the advertiser usually a dollar or two for people entering their information, name,address,email,state,city, etc. they pay you x amount for that, then with that they usually send out emails (the same kind you advertised) to make money.

    That's all I can think of for now, but in a little while, I will post back here with more information.
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