Im using the 2014 wordpress theme how wld i go about editing the maine blog page?

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    i want to keep all my blog post in the grid layout not just my most recent 6 post then it goes into blog format, it make my website look really ugly. i want to have 9 of my most recent post then have a page navigation at the bottom to my last 9 post etc... what sheet would i have to edit for that? style sheet, theme functions?
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    It used to happen to me.

    Because, I used to use mixed positions when I was listing some modules.
    ie. My search was at top-position but different template than the current, whenever I type something into a search box - it will get me to the old template.
    Just because of that position. [ I may be wrong, but after I got position changed, everything went to normal ]

    Recent post count has nothing to do with CSS that's for sure.
    Try to look for template index.php file, it may be there. :)

    Google for page navigation and how to properly install it on your website.
    Instead of "last posts", you can even set when you scroll down older posts are loading, or insert button for "load more" option.
    This can be done easily with jQuery.

    I may be wrong, but I was fixing things like I described above.

    Good luck,
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