I'm tired of the "I have 1 billion dollars what should I do with it threads"

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by GreenGoblin, Jul 27, 2010.

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    My official "I have money but don't know what to do with it" Rant!
    there's more then enough resources in BHW for you to read like everyone else.
    on that note, if u have money from 50k -100k and don't what to do with it, it really makes me and I'm sure a lot of other members question the legitimacy of you having any money at all.

    I mean sure there's people who inherit money from relatives who passed away who's truly clueless and so on, but one thing I do know everyone who inherit money is not searching BHW for solutions.

    I just saw a thread not to long ago, that said "I have X amount of money how should I invest it, and I'm like WTF! how did u make X amount of dollars in the first place surely if u were smart enough to make this amount of money your smart enough to seek other ventures that make money.

    On that note people who have 100k + are not seeking advice from the average joe, not saying that members in BHW can't show u way because there's a lot of bright people here, but I doubt if u have this type of money you would take any of the advice seriously anyway so that leads back to what's the point of the thread?

    Here's great advice for everyone who has money but don't know what to do with it seek professional help.

    The End
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    You're not the only one.
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    My favourite is definitely the "How much money do you make"-threads. They're very useful and people who respond always tell the truth!
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    Well some people feel extremely overwhelmed and have no idea what to do or not to do. So often times people will come to where they feel the most connected to get ideas. I also get irritated because I feel you are putting you and your assets out there to be screwed over.

    I also think people bait so that they can get ideas and use them as their own. I have noticed with people that those who truly have a great idea will see as an opportunity and try to see if the funds will be there.

    I dunno, just my thoughts.
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    no for real.

    How much do you make when you start out with $1 billion and what would you invest in to make that much money? How long did it take before you got your $1 billion back?
    And before you reply please note that after you give me any advice what-so-ever, I'll call you a liar, and ask you for screenshots, then accuse you of doctoring the screenshots with your leet photoshop skills and ruining any chance of me making a solid investment of my billion dollars into your niche and ruining it for both of us. But don't worry everyone else who reads this thread will believe you (but still post that you're full of shit), and ruin your method anyways by being stupid and copy / pasting, so rest assured it'll get trashed almost as quickly as you can post it. I'm too cool to copy past anything except for the same topic that's been asked a billion times on this forum, so don't worry I won't copy your awesome method. Or do anything at all.

    I just thought I'd ask because I'm bored and lonely and want to bash the first person to answer my retarded question. Oh, I also don't have any money I just wanted someone to think I had lots so I picked a message board to play rich on. Congrats BHW you won.


    P.S. ATTENTION SCAMMERS - I HAVE 1 BILLION DOLLARS FOR YOU TO TAKE! Actually, it's more like $50, but I'm dumb enough to believe you but only if you lie to me first. So please, come take my money. And don't tell me I need to buy my own domain and build a website, that's not what the internet is about fucktard. That method is so 1995.
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    Almost as tedious as the ebooks, "Make $1 billion a day with my auto-pilot system"
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    I at least don't think the threads mentioned should be in the "Making Money", but rather a newly created "Losing Money" section.

    (Sarcasm, of course)

    If you don't know what to invest in, don't invest. Simple. As. That.

    Get a financial adviser and start your your retirement fund. That 10,000 can turn to 50,000 by the time you retire.
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    I think we need to start some:

    I have only $50 dollars what should I spend it on [FONT=&quot]?[/FONT]

    1) Gas for my car, (otherwise I will have to walk to work)
    2) Pay electric bill, (I really need power for ...well you know, stuff)
    3) Pay my credit card,(they keep calling me to pay)
    4) Phone bill, (if I don`t pay my phone bill then the collectors can`t call. Two birds
    with one stone)

    ...Sorry I am really tired.
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    I get paid to surf internet, see the name.
    Selling Water To Whales
    I think of them as "I just got my allowance/paid from my real job. can you show me how to flip my meager earnings 1000 times?" threads.