I'm tired of seeing a bunch of abandoned Journey threads and people making pennies a day.


Apr 22, 2023
I've spent countless of hours reading My Journey threads with people either abandoning their journeys or posting that they are earning pennies.

I want to see actual journey threads that post 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k monthly earnings at the minimum with substantial proof. Not these imaginary threads I'm going to make 1 million dollars but I'm posting I'm earning pennies at the moment.

Back in the day we used to call these people out as clowns but now all I see here is "Good luck on your journey", "Interesting, I will follow your journey" bla bla bla.

Can we like stop promoting these bull shit journeys that just make it easier for people promoting their signatures to drop a 10 word post saying some variation of "good luck on your journey"?

What world are these people living on where celebrating making $.25 or $2.15 a day is something to boast of?
the joirney thread has always been the best place to get inspired and get to see how others achieve on daily basis. A place to make the impossibles possible. Its sad that we have different views on earnings.. but I agree with you puting hours of hardwork for pennies is not the best way to go , we must really push hard to get to big figures
For real, like if I told my wife that my online ventures made me a whole $0.24 today she would slap the shit out of me.
Your wife does not know that in business you have to start at 0 and scale up to 100. Nobody starts a business and earns multiple million in the first day.
Rather than complain about the journeys of others that are abandoned, how about starting one of your own and set an example? Decide on a method and work it until it pays off for you - and bring us along as you perfect it.

Obviously it's easier to complain about others rather than it is it do it yourself - so the choice is yours.
So, if I understand correctly, you're upset because people are actively documenting their progress? Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Just a thought: many successful users here didn't embark on their journey publicly for various reasons. Remebr IM is where Some can resort to negative tactics like creating negative backlinks to undermine their competition. If you believe you have a superior journey that could yield millions or billions, perhaps consider starting your own thrade.
Stop crying about it and start your own journey thread.

I feel you just want to see a successful journey so that you can then start begging for their method. :suspicious:

In these modern times, you're the actual clown. ;) :D
One has to start somewhere amd the journey one starts may not be big money but clearly if someone is generating some kind of revenue they are at least learning that one can make money online.

No, all they have to do is to refine things and make money that will breath life into their finances.
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Not sure if you've read Kikerinka's journey. His goal was 10k/mo and he reached 20k/mo.

The problem with providing too much proof and information is that someone figured out his url and blackmailed him.

Some people avoid continuing journeys when they start making more money because they can become targets.

On the other hand many journeys are fake, created to advertise the author's services indirectly.

The remaining journeys that are genuine are created by people who just started (or start over again) and they are happy with the little wins, it's the thrill of progressing, so ofc they will have small numbers.
I have a failed journey thread from when I first made my account here , I realized journey was too difficult than I thought as a newbie . Sooo I decided to got a fulltime work from home job to learn more about SEO, coding , etc while gettin paid to still be on a laptop all day in my bathrobe to pretend I was a work from home entrepreneur at least lol.

Had I not started and failed I would have never thought to try and get that remote work gig to get myself into the right mindset and routine of making money from home on a computer.

3 years later I still have that job and use tons of methods I’ve learned to be a top performer using the SEO and coding that I learned and was inspired to learn from this site. I also got out of all my debt , got my health in order which costs a ton of cash in the USA and learned magnitudes more than I knew at the start while getting paid and not being stressed at all.

While my original journey was a colossal 1 page failure it also helped me get a six figure job working from my house .

Failure is a part of success period and anyone who says otherwise is trying to scam you.

I always respect people who try new things and put themselves out there and hope that OP gets the courage to do the same using this site like I did.
Better to make blog and write when you want and what you want.
With journey, when you are not writing more than few days, you start getting spam "any update?", "where is update?", "give me %^^#@ update" - that's why you have countless abandoned journeys, including my own. Sometimes after year, someone is refreshing and asking for updates.

There are few nice journeys I have found, but most are unrealistic like you said. This is also reason of abandoned journey.

-unrealistic goals
-people verify their methods and decide to stop, to not work 8h/day for 24c like you said
-some people get bored to reveal informations for free and face demands of "clauns" (like you said) replying in journey. Except journey you have massive replies like "teach me", "tell me", "show me", "help me". Many BHW users think you are here to guide them. It's annoying!
I think people in less economically lucky areas making a few bucks here and there is totally inspiring too. I’ve lived in expensive US cities most of my adult life and seeing someone grind all day for 20 bucks and be totally thrilled makes me appreciate my luck and work even harder myself .
It's a tough time, Internet marketing in general has become much much harder, too many measures against organic free traffic sources, etc. Nothing is free anymore, no free money.
Yeah. It's so hard I added an offline job to my plan. And from that job I'll put money to online journey.

There are journeys with 50 - 200 posts of which their owners make 15 cents a day or week.

It's kinda ridiculous to talk so much about something giving so little.

In that time you could make 10's of thousands. But everyone trying at home will hit that point eventually and realize sooner or later going blindly full reckless home mode is not sustainable.

Good rule is that (it's hard one) is to not put journey thread if you can't put a marketplace thread. :) That still guarantees nothing but at least shows you know how to make some money from the easiest source of money on the internet.

No, it's not affiliate marketing being the easiest to start making money with. It's Blackhatworld. Just choose the right niche and push your services and products. Good luck.
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