I'm starting a (free) high quality private network... who wants to join? backlink machine goes brrrrr

Oct 4, 2021
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Hey guys,

As we all know, backlinking is a major factor in ranking higher. But we also know we're not supposed to pay for backlinks (as per Google's webmaster guidelines).

We've all tried the standard SEO techniques like skyscraper, tier 2 links, guest posts etc... but let's be honest most of this is low quality crap that doesn't move the needle a lot (and it ends up costing loads!)

I run 5 affiliate websites and a few e-commerce all with real organic traffic ~20k to 200k monthly visitors depending on the niche (DR 50-70).

What I'm looking for is a bunch of people here who run affiliates / e-com / lead gen in the same niche as me, so that we can team up together and exchange links to money pages or to each other's cornerstone content.

This is a win-win because:
* it's good for a web page to have outbound do-follow links (https://www.semrush.com/blog/outbound-links/)
* because it's an exchange, links are kept by all parties for ever
* contextual, niche-relevant
* costs nothing
* you make friends

Money pages are very difficult to get backlinks to, so often 4-5 links from high traffic, daily crawled websites, can really move the needle.

I know that Google's webmaster guidelines also prohibits you from exchanging links, but if we keep a close chat room they'll never figure it out (as opposed to guest posts / niche edits where all these websites look like they're just built for no other purpose than SEO).

What do you guys think?


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Aug 31, 2010
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This would turn out to be a good JV actually