i'm small but i'm getting bigger

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    Jun 10, 2015
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    Hello BHW, i currently have a small facebook page (they are all targeted fans to my niche) i'm trying to get 50 new fans everyday on facebook page since it's my main source of traffic and sometimes i can get 300 fans/day if i get exclusivity on something related to niche, i may extend to reddit but i have no idea about it.

    Anyway i think if i get some video editing skills i can get bigger faster (i did the same with learning photoshop and it helped), i'm looking for someone in the editing niche who wanna learn:
    - Adobe premiere Pro CC (it allows you to get many videos , cut them and seemble them as you want)
    - adobe after effects (to add magical touch to the video=)
    - Cinema 4D ( this one is hard to use, it allows you to create by ur self 4D animations and stuff)

    i'm fully motivated to learn those but from time to time it's hard to keep ur focus level the same, youtube has plenty of tutorials (thank god for that) we can just get a tutorial and agree with each others that we will completely learn it at the end of the day, make samples by our selfs and show them to each other at the end of each day, we can make small group of 3 people max just to keep eachothers motivated, just let me know in a comment/msg.