I'm on google spot 3,4,5, and 7 -I would like to move up to 1 and 2. Please Read/Consider

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    Dear Potential Helper,

    I believe most people understand that a #1 spot in google is huge... number 2 is good... and then the searchers start to drop off considerably!

    I want to get a spot on Google 1 or 2... Prefer 1st spot obviously. Please read the following and respond if you are interested. Naturally my money site would be best in the #1 spot, however... the press release has gotten a lot of hits and I can see that doing well with a boost in serps too.

    Let me know your thoughts and how much those thoughts will cost to put into action.

    I believe people are paying in excess of $2.00 per click for this key word in google adwords(phrase).

    I am on page one for my 3 word (keyword)... Positions 3,4,5, and 7.

    Position 3 is a video
    Position 4 is a press release
    Position 5 is the money site - main website
    Position 7 is an ebay site

    Google Adwords Tool:
    Keyword: Broad 1300 global/1000 local
    Keyword: Phrase 590/590
    Keyword: Exact 390/ 390

    The Website is over 10 years old

    My two main competitors: #1 position - fairly new site (loaded themselves with a ton of backlinks)
    #2 position - older site 10+ years (fewer backlinks)

    Sidenote: Bing and Yahoo are listing me at #2 for the keyword I mentioned above and I get almost as many hits from bing as I do google. Let me know what you think.

    Obviously, I'd like to hear your thoughts - my business is not rolling in cash at all

    However, I believe with a move up to #1 or #2 it would be a different story. Look forward to hearing from you. I also, have seemed to avoid the latest google update.

    Thanks for your response...

    Perhaps we can work out some mutual agreed price for serp movement?
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    If you haven't found someone already,I can take a look on your site and see what strategy we can apply to bring it on No.1
    Add me on skype at SeoDotM

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    PM sent with more info from globolstaff team