IM newbie. $100 bucks made after first month, need further advice

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by psylogic, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. psylogic

    psylogic Newbie

    Jan 27, 2012
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    Hello everyone.
    Finally, I decided to do something and 1 month ago I set up one project. First, I thought it's going to be a simple MFA page, but then it evolved into something a bit bigger, so I need your professional advice, should I focus and continue to develop it or just maintain as it is with weekly updates or something. Let me explain what is it about.
    There was one DSLR camera released early this month. Before that, only rumors had taken a place, but everybody kinda new it's going to be released in June. So...:

    • in the end of May I bought exact match domain (in US the camera has different name and .coм was taken anyway).
    • bought hosting for three months (I'm completely new in IM, so I decided just to try)
    • I set up wordpress CMS, found simple theme, put google analytics, some plugins
    • Started posting articles, rewritten of course, using camera name as main keyword. Maybe half of them I run through reddit, digg, delicious, stumbleupon.
    • I put Adsense on the second day

    • My website actually got indexed pretty fast. I was in top3 in zone, half of the time in top10 in .coм (before model release)
    • I was getting around 50-100 uniques a day.
    • I set up Facebook account and bought 800 followers at Fiverr.

    • The camera was released on the 8th of June.
    • Of course I was in internet this time and searching anything related to the camera. I found a couple of youtube videos that just appeared with some camera preview. Of course I ripped them, put nice attractive title and uploaded to my youtube channel.
    • I actually ripped the video from official website, but in a few hours got warning about copyright infringement, so I removed it.
    • That day I got around 700 uniques. Maybe 120 of them came from youtube. Around 100 from ixbt.coм where website url is in my profile ( I don't know how people found it though)
    • I researched online shops where you can pre-order/buy a camera and registered in affiliate programs (CJ and TD)
    • I put affiliate links on my website.
    • I did social bookmark my website home page to 550 unique social bookmark sites at Fiverr (don't know if it helped somehow)
    • I posted 3 more articles after the release (and got a bit lazy after that)

    • I do update sometimes facebook page posting nice pictures of the camera, related videos from youtube and best deals (of course with affiliate link)
    • I haven't done much with twitter, but it's connected with plugin and new articles appears there.
    • I registered Google+, also connected it by Sendible (using 30 days trial now)
    • Facebook artificial likes dropped by around 200 hundreds since then, BUT instead I am getting natural likes from real people, so it's not only made up a loose, but increased the total likes amount (it's 920 now) and people little by little get engaged into conversations. So, the reason to buy those 800 likes was to give this kick, well, I think you understood.
    • A few days ago I registered 5 blogs at blogspot (Web2.0 it's called, is it?). Put there original articles from the main website with backlinks. As far as I know, it gets indexed after a while (I used pingler for that), it won't get to the top, but backlinks count anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong

    My initial investments:

    • domain 2 years: $10
    • hosting 3 months: $15
    • fiverr fb likes and bookmarks: $10
    Total: $35

    What I got after this month:

    • Amazon affiliates: $80 (Conversion rate 2.6%)
    • Commission Junction affiliates: $40 (Conversion rate 1.14%)
    • Google Adsense: $16 (CTR: 0.64%; CPM: $0.24)
    Total: $136

    Net profit: ~$100

    Alright. I know it's not a lot, but look, I just started with no experience whatsoever. My target right now is $400-500 a month. The thing is, I sold all my stuff, quit my job and with some savings moved to the Southeast Asia for good. I truly believe, that in half a year I can reach this desirable amount. Which is enough to rent a nice studio, rent a scooter and get enough food (well, I can manage that with even $300, but let's put the target a bit higher). So, now I basically learn all these things, make mistakes and try different approaches.

    Main thing I want to ask. Is it worth to continue with this project. The idea is not that strong. The next camera model will be released in a year or so. It was easy to get into the top10 before the release, but now it's going to be a bit tough. Although, I'm still at the #1 with "buy *camera name*" which can bring me more affiliate sales.

    I though about creating the forum, engage the people and create something like club community, with people dedicated only to this camera (this model is really nice and in some way unique). I know this is going to be really tough, as working on "Made For People" website requires certain skills.

    Ufff...That was a lot for my first post at BHW, but here it is.

    I'm asking you, IM gurus, to help me with advice :)

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  2. rytpillager

    rytpillager Regular Member

    Sep 16, 2009
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    my own boss
    it sounds like your on the right track, keep messing with buying keywords its trial and error but you will be successful.
  3. DanTe_0101

    DanTe_0101 Senior Member

    Mar 2, 2012
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    as u said that there will be next camera released in a year or so get ready for that as you know that it is working for you,why search for something else?
    rinse and repeat....

    and also try with different products other than just sticking to digital camera
    then scale up with other niches...

    Good Luck !
  4. Junkfood00

    Junkfood00 Elite Member

    Sep 13, 2011
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    I'm truly amazed. You're doing much better than I did as a newbie. You seem to know what you're doing, keep on working on the same concept but start with tweaking it, e.g how to stay in top5 after release? You'll need quality backlinks and a bit of hype around your website. If you know how to work out fiverr filtering bad sellers go ahead else work with the reputed sellers here on BHW. Check out Amazon's hot releases page for product ideas. Don't limit yourself to cameras, check out all categories with high ticket items. As commissions are 4%-6% for starters, you'll need to look for $300+ items to make your work worthwhile.

    I'd like to add, if you prefer to do the backlinking process yourself, then I highly recommend you purchasing Scrapebox to look up places to place your link on. There are tons of tutorials and videos online to learn how to use that tool. You'd probably also need private proxies if you intend on doing mass commenting. Use free proxies you find online to scrape the internet.
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  5. psylogic

    psylogic Newbie

    Jan 27, 2012
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    Wow, thanks a lot!

    I've ordered 360 permanent EDU backlinks at fiverr. I checked those pages, it seems legit. The thing is, I use one website to check my backlinks and it says I have none. Or should I wait till my web 2.0 blogs are indexed and also those EDU backlinks?

    I need a couple more orders and my commission turns 6%, which is quite cool as the cost of camera is almost $1000. I thought about more expensive products, but I think people usually prefer to check them out in brick'n'mortar shops, especially cameras.

    I've been reading about Scrapebox for a while now. Probably should buy it. I'm just not sure, maybe outsourcing will work out better. But from other side, I have to know how to give precise and correct tasks to workers.. Hmmm...

    Thanks again for your feedback. Really appreciate it. Feeling motivated now :)
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