Im new For Gsa can any one give more advice how to better to use it

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    Im new For Gsa can any one give more advice how to better to use it , do i need to buy more proxy ,
    Do i need use Scaprebox to find better link\
    Advice me to use Vps or destop to run It
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    - GSA is a good software to create backlinks. If you are using it standalone for scraping and posting then don't use it for Tier 1. Use it only for tier 2 or 3.
    - It should be used for tier 1 only if you have quality websites which are not spammed to death by other users. Which is not possible with GSA standalone. For it you need softwares like scrapebox. However, these days analysis with scrapebox is also difficult as PR is dead and MOZ analytics are not working with the tool.
    - If you don't want to spend on scrapebox then go for Gscrapper basic version. Its free and does the basic task of scrapping. Its not as accurate as scrapebox, but its alot faster. I wouldnt recommend spending money on gscrapper full version. If you want to spend on scrapper, then spend on Scrapebox. for basic version which is free

    This is a good tutorial on how to use GSA for tier 1.

    I am not sure if moz api is working with Scrapebox or not so you will have to find other analytics source to analyze the quality of hte website. If moz api is working then you are good.

    Further, you might also need a captcha breaker service or captcha breaker software to use it properly. Captcha breaking services might cost you alot, so its better to get gsa captcha breaker or other equivalent software. Then use Captcha breaker software with captcha breaking service, only using the service for high quality websites.