I'm making a big bet in offline marketing.. Any advice?


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May 10, 2009
I am so fed up with not having extra money to do some things I've been wanting to do.. businesswise, I mean... well this month, when sponsor payments come in.... mother FUCK the bills.. It's all going into offline marketing

Please talk me out of it..
spending more will not change things. make sure your marketing of choice actually works then go for it man. please don spend your bill money on fliers
spending more will not change things. make sure your marketing of choice actually works then go for it man. please don spend your bill money on fliers

Well I haven't had ANY to spend
I've never lost money when I've spent money, yet... in my life.. Got to do SOMETHING .. I'm in KANSAS .. Just got back from California and Philly .. and I know I can't stay here :D

Well I DID lose money on the enquirer ad.. and that was a total loss.. it was only $150, but it still was a loss...
One suggestion - test small before going all out on a campaign.

The last thing you want is to lose big.

Good thinking
I call that fishing
I think that if you risk small amounts, it's bait money.
When you do catch a fish .. you find a good place to catch fish ..
Every time you find one small thing that works, if it's scalable, it's a potential goldmine and at the very least one new stream of income.

Not having money to play with has made that impossible but I use to be very good at it.
I tell my clients to quit throwing money at their problem.

Money won't fix the problem. Only a solution to the problem will.

If you don't have a solution to the problem then no amount of money is going to help. Instead, invest your money in finding someone who can take you by the hand and show you the solution to your problem. Be willing to listen, be willing to fail, be willing to be persistent and not allow failure to over come you.

When I started consulting I literally fell into it. I didn't start out wanting to be a consultant. Didn't even know what a consultant was or what they did. I created my consulting business by accident by accidently becoming a contributing editor to a magazine and then several. Then again, I wasn't looking to be a contributing editor either. 8)

The point is that I didn't spend any money to do either unless you count the cost of a postage stamp to mail my articles which put me in front of millions of readers.

Ignore the gurus, authors and look instead at real people who are doing what they say they're doing and have done it for a number of years. At the moment there are hundreds of gurus and authors who have jumped on the "offline marketing consulting" bandwagon. Most of them have a total of six months worth of experience. On the other hand I've been at it a little more than 25 years.

If I get you into trouble I can probably get you out. If they do, they simply abandon you and start selling the next flavor of the month.

Good luck!
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