I'm loving the products on sale here, but what would be a good start?

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    This is my first post, and it is somewhat long. Kindly bear with me.

    I just stumbled upon this site a few hours ago, and it's like I entered Willy Wonka's wonder factory...

    I am a webmaster and developer, and have launched several sites in the past. However, despite busting a** everyday trying to get traffic to these sites, it was really hard work. I am the first person to jump eagerly into work, but I know I'm doing something wrong when I can't cross 10 unique visitors a day no matter what I do.

    Buying traffic through traditional modes like adsense is out of the question at this juncture, as I simply do not have the funds for that. I can and will invest most of my earnings into this however, once my sites start generating revenue.

    More than anything else, I believe in the model where traffic grows organically and revenue is earned through ads. I will experiment with niche e-commerce sites now that I learned serious money can be made from it, but all my current experience and ideas are geared toward the former.

    TL;DR. Now for the real question.

    I have just launched a free directory for doctors and medical professionals.

    My goal is to have an explosion of traffic from both doctors and patients so the site can get meaningful data and traffic. I know that once the content on my site starts to increase, Google will handle driving more traffic in :)

    There are some really good packages in the "services on offer" section of this site. What would be a good starting regimen, so I can see the first fruits of my labor brought to bear?

    I feel this would be a good mix:

    1. EDU backlink sale (this would seem a no-brainer: I can also try and request for links from medical universities when I buy, to increase my ROI)
    2. Facebook Likes (I am doubtful about this - will it drive the right volume of traffic? It seems like something people would do later on)
    3. G-Hunter from the Decode Google thread
    I particularly chose these because they all need an investment of below $100 each. I can squeeze that out, but anything more would be an unbearable burden at the moment.

    There are so many packages in there that I'm greatly confused, and afraid of sinking money into the wrong packages.

    May I humbly request the experienced hands here to provide basic guidance I can act on?
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    Welcome to the forum,

    I would recommend to keep reading and learning from the forum, it really is a great place to learn a lot. I was lurking for months before even signing up an account and interacting with the community.

    Now for your questions, it is awesome that you are taking action, that is the first step in the right direction.

    As far as services

    1) EDU backlinks are great for diversity.
    2) I personally stay away from Facebook likes, majority are fake users, and the ones that are real likes usually are not targeted enough to be beneficial to your niche (some people might not agree, this is just my opinion)
    3)I haven't used G-Hunter but it looks to be very good example of link diversity and can be really beneficial to you.

    I would slowly start investing in some of the great SEO tools available when possible. They make our lives much easier!

    You can also take a look at fiverr, there are a lot of great gigs for cheap. I would also look into using some of the writing services on here and getting articles and manually submitting them to web 2.0's with anchor text.
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    You got a long way to go. I would start reading for at least a few weeks before you start asking questions.
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    You should read for a couple of weeks... You mention very specific tactics, but not an overarching strategy. You need the strategy first, then apply the specific link building methods.

    Two words of advice:
    - Start slowly. Don't build 5000 links a day. Just build 50 or 100 for a while. Be patient and wait a week or two before building more links because it sometimes takes google a couple of weeks to update rankings.
    - Test on a throwaway site. You're learning and you're going to screw up. Don't do it on a site that is important!

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    I actually remember a method related to this where the guy offered clients,which were dentists,pay per call leads from ads.He called dentists that had their own practises and ranked for local keywords with low competition, if I recall it correctly it was a thread by thedon23 or thedon or something like that.Now maybe if you combined that with mobile money bandit from the download section you could learn how to get pay per call leads from cellphones.He said he sold these slots for about $500 a month if I remember right.He was able to do this easily when his site ranked for local keywords.I do agree with the posts above though, you should learn more and develop a solid strategy before determining the tactics.
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    Definitely use a test site until you are comfortable with the services you order and read, read, read.

    I would avoid facebook likes for the reasons stated above. Most are from fake accounts and worthless.

    Everyone has their preferable services. Big Buddy used to be good for .edu but not sure if he still offers. I haven't used him in a bit. Internalsoul does good stuff and so does Chris Devon. Jstover has a following, but a bit pricey for you. There are plenty. Since you are new, I would suggest looking for services that have long threads of 10 plus pages that have posts from buyers that have seen significant SERPs movement. Just my two cents. Send me a pm and I'll be happy to tell you who I use.
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