I'm lost. I need some help

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Kehrseite, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Hey Guys,
    i start this thread because I'm lost in Internet marketing. I'm reading about a month and see video tutorials - i think i learned a lot from those guides. My biggest problem is that no method worked for me or i doesn't understand it in the right way so it couldn't worked.
    I used PPC on Facebook with a squeezepage.. that cost me infact 30 ? - i earned only 18 bucks. I had microblogs with adsense it .. i earned only 3 ? with them in time of 2 Months.. I don't know what to do right now. And because i know that internetmarketing doesn't work if i give up, i'm searching for a mentor. A mentor who has the skills to teach me the important things of Internet marketing and shows me how to do things in the right way. A mentor who is already successfully in what he's (or she's ?!) doing and want some money ;)
    So i would be very very pleased if i could get help from an (long) experienced Internet marketer.
    I'm not a newbie but i need someone who takes me by the hand.