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I'm Looking For Marketing Partner To Promote Proven Service. Little Competition, B2B Focus

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Silverion, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Silverion

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    Dec 20, 2009
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    I own an established online marketing firm that focuses on selling a promotion service in an niche with little to no competition. The sales are fairly low compared to a few years back because I haven't given it much attention and I have done no marketing to promote the service. That being said, it's a service with considerable amount of income potential. The primary customers are other marketing firms that buy the service to promote their clients' content in a white label model. Throughout the years, the company has been involved in multiple campaigns for clients of all sizes that go from unknown blogs looking to go viral to multi-billion dollars brands that want to cover all the avenues there are to promote their products or services. In past years we have worked with some of the largest online marketing firms from both the U.S. and U.K.

    As stated, I've been more interested in pursuing other ventures which is why the firm has decayed in relevance in the past years. However, I've always been aware of how successful the business could be if I give it some attention and get a marketing campaign started but my actual commitments prevent me from taking care of all the aspects required to make that happen. That is why I have decided to look for a partner that can handle the lead/sales generation aspect for the company. Ideally, I'm looking for someone with experience on B2B sales but anyone with typical internet marketing skills (be it SEO, social media, email marketing or any of the usual skills) shouldn't have a problem generating sales (provided you know what you are doing) as the service practically sells itself and we guarantee our results.

    The average sale is in the $250 range and the profit margins are typically of around 80% (although returning clients tend to buy the service in bulk). The company has been in business for the past 8 years. My overall goal is to stabilize the revenue somewhere in the mid 4 to low 5 figures and then sell the company to another marketing firm. As for the terms of the joint venture, I intend to give my partner a percentage of all the sales the business generates and quite possibly equity in the company (which means you would get a cut of the sale of the business once that has been concluded). The specific percentages would however depend on how well your marketing efforts perform. The more sales you can bring in, the higher the percentage(s).

    I think that covers the basic details. Those of you that may be interested in my offer can contact me via private message or post your questions here. I do want to point out that I will need to conduct a small interview with potential partners (via email or skype) before revealing all the details of the company and the service. If you are serious and would be interested in making 5 figures for a few months of work I'm sure you won't mind.
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