I'm looking for a writer with good writing skills for a project

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by silvermario, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    i'm looking for a writer with good writing skills.

    I have set up a site and will promote it through article marketing
    with a twist combined with wh/gh seo with very good keyword research.

    I'm pretty good at seo but i suck at creating good content.

    This site will be monetized with CB products and profits will be splitted 50/50.
    I aim at 100 uniques/day for every product, so with 10 products the traffic should be ~1000 uniques/daily.

    You can read in this thread about average earnings from 1000 visitors http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/clickbank/14684-here-my-average-clickbank-profits.html

    PM me if you are interested or post here in this thread.
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    Dec 7, 2008
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    Heya, I've done a small amount of writing for rentacoder.com and used to write all webpages for the ISP I worked for as well as doing web page coding.
    I now do a bit of freelance creative and technical writing and just submitted a few made-to-order articles on Associated Content.
    I'm fairly good at writing content for a particular topic and with proper research, items that can be used to promote sales.
    I've studied a bit of NLP and marketing as a passing interest and writing primarily in english and type 50-70 word per minute average. I'm interested in helping you out. PM me your terms in the manner of returns for me of your profits including my writing and perhaps we can come to a better agreement than the one you have in mind if you're willing to help me with a "fleshing out" of my design and SEO skillset. I've a ton of a free time and I'm currently working on a few blogs and an text hosting site for an archive I have that I'm planning on running ads on as well as providing a service that's not available anywhere else on the web on it.