Im looking for a website about how to choose right products and how to sell on amazon

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    Hello few days ago i saw a link on this forum that directed me on a website that were promoting a tool that you can use to find which are the best products to invest in to sell on amazon

    On the main page of the website were 2 coaches that were teaching people how to sell on amazon (one ~ 30 years old and other one ~45 years or older)

    In that video they speaked about
    * The difference between having a bunsiness and working for somebody else
    * How they started .. that in the beginning they were selling vs amazon but no matter how much they were trying amazon always was on top of them (search engine position)
    * And at the end of the video they promoted their free tool that shows you what products you can make and compete with

    This is all i remember :( and i want to find that website again
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    Sounds like complete bull. Let me guess, the tool cost a nice amount of money? I'd rather buy an Amazon keyword off Ardley here on BHW and build a site on that. He knows his stuff, can't say that for these 30-70 year old guys you described.


    The guide also has some advice on picking the niche, and the keyword is an important part.