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    I came across this site a couple years ago. I never really got around to posting as I didn't really have anything in mind other than research and educating myself on IM.

    I must admit, many of the topics are over my head. I?m a complete newb when it comes to anything related to SEO, sites, squeeze pages, content creation, keywords etc?

    The purpose of this post is first to introduce myself, and secondly hopefully receive some advice/ guidance on where I should start.
    I have been involved in real estate the last 10 years. I am interested in taking my career to the next level. Starting out I gained a great deal of business via referrals and direct mail.

    I am now pursuing Social media, professional website, and lead generation. (Better late than never)
    Being located in South Florida, a very competitive market very different from any other markets in the US.

    I would like to attack this from two fronts.
    SELF PROMOTION (getting my name out there)
    First I need to establish an online presence promoting myself via a professional website I am considering (was recommended in a thread I read on BHW) $60 / month. Also I need a strong presence on all social networking platforms.
    I plan on being the local area expert and will create content about real estate. For example ?top 10 things you must know before listing your property? ?5 things you must ask your realtor before purchasing your first home? I don?t want to compete with other Real estate agents or investors, I want to dominate using all white hat techniques.
    I am also considering followliker as this seems the best way to get really popular on the social media platforms.

    My second plan of attack is I need to attract international investors from two countries, Brazil (Portuguese language) and Venzuela (Spanish) what would be the best method to network, market, connect with investors in these two countries. Miami is going through a construction boom right now. There are huge condo high rises sprouting up all over and investors from these two countries are buying the properties CASH!

    So without going on forever and making this post really long. With the information provided what would you recommend for a total newb. I have a small budget, and would like to the a no BS route to making this work. I need the best bang for my buck.
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    Hey dear, if you need any help in real estate business then I have a great suggestion for you. You could consult my brother who is a Luxury Real Estate Dove mountain agent. He?d love to help you in clearing all your doubts!!
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    You obviously are not in the game currently, so here is one small piece of advice. You need a reason why these "investors" will come to you. You'll build your service entirely around that irresistible offer, the one that makes people emotionally connect to you to buy. In your game, it's all about words used, tone of voice, and acting skills. It doesn't hurt to use some sales psychology to help enhance the deal. You'll make some pocket change, but you missed the real money (the people who are nameless behind the scenes that created the boom).