I'm here willing to spend money on advertising, so what to do next?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Raffaello, May 6, 2011.

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    Hi men,
    How are you?
    I've been seriously in the IM for more than a year now, but I've not found my place here yet.
    I tried a lot of thing, sometimes I got poor results and I give up, sometimes I got no results at all.
    But for all this time I understood one thing: I hate SEO! I hate doing article marketing, video marketing, optimization, social bookmarking etc... but I see the importance of all these things for long-term results so I would pay someone for this.
    What is the other way? Paid Advertising.
    Strange but true, I'm more willing to spend money on advertising and get fast results (good or bed) than wait weeks or months for my websites to be ranked (if it's all ok).
    With SEO, you'll have a long "latent" time to wait for results or for indexing. This time, is very demotivating for me. I want traffic fast, and I want know if my offer/landing page converts right now, not within weeks or months.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but my question here is:
    I'm willing to spend money on advertising, do you know a method/WSO/strategy that treat a more or less "safety" way to make money online with paid advertising?
    My goal for this year is to reach the $1000/mo of income, I think I can because I'm not a newbie, I just need to find my way in IM.

    Thank you very much, talk soon :)