I'm good at this, but not at that


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Dec 19, 2008
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I am good at creating "software" that drives "traffic" (yes, real live traffic to websites) - but - I suck at selling software.

I have a product now that I have on clickbank which I offer 60% (about 28 bucks) to affiliates, although it just started, I want it to explode to the tune of 1000 sales a month..... problem is, I dont see it happening , it could be my website. I do use my own software to drive traffic to the site, but something tells me the response is low because my site sucks.

So I guess my question is, if anyone out there wants to help me or take a look at my site, or knows a good web design team cheap, that would be helpful. I think its the site that blows.

Yea it blows tbh. Download one of the many free squeeze page templates available on here. Problem solved!
@waynegm - hit me up.. i already got over 1k client base so could promote it to them and help you put together a sales funnel / process..
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