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I'm going to war on Craigslist!!!!! -- What happened to Proxies???

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by AlaskanKingCrab, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Im glad I found this forum -- hopefully you guys can help me! ---

    I advertise my business on Craigslist.... and advertise good -- and heavy. Some hater found out I was doing good --- so he went on craigslist, started copying my advertisements. This pissed me off so bad I can't even begin to tell you!

    THEN, one day I log on --- and all of my ads have been flagged off. And now -- they keep attacking me everyday --- and I KNOW its him --- because he flags me, and then posts stuff at the same time Im flagged off

    A few months ago --- I figured out that changing proxies would get rid of an ad. So, I got some program called "Charon" that would filter proxies, and went on the counterattack.

    It worked. And I flagged the bastard for a week straight. He never flagged me again.


    The last few weeks --- he, or possibly multiple people, or someone else is back on the attack. 50 of my craigslist ads got flagged at once. They're trying to hit me hard --- and I'll tell you - -- ITS COSTING ME $$$ SO NOW ITS WAR!!!!

    I went back onto the changing proxies and flagging, but somehow... it DIDNT WORK. I tried changing the proxies 50 times instead of 10.... but it still, didn't work.

    Craigslist somehow upgraded their flagging system to protect from this shit ----

    Now -- this bastard is flagging me like crazy somehow

    Does anyone know how I can hit him back by removing his ads?

    Trust me.... the "FREE TIRES" and "FREE HOOKERS" in every city in America --- with his cell number is coming soon!!!!!
  2. Dan Free

    Dan Free Regular Member

    Nov 22, 2007
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    Colorado Springs
    I would say that if all your ads are being flagged at once, then it is probably Craig or his staff that is doing it. They don't like either you (your ISP, your email) or your ad.
  3. deth_by_uv

    deth_by_uv Power Member

    Feb 26, 2008
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    Did you checkout the craigslist blackhat course? Not sure if it's been updated, but it looks cool. The guy goes over ways to trick the cl spiders so they can't flag your ad, one way is using cl ads against themselves. Neat stuff, was my first time checking out cl marketing materials.
  4. I would not but I would love to! Craigslist is a huge part of my business -- I post about 15-30 ads a day with no problem

    However, I think i'm being maliciously flagged...... because weekends I dont get flagged -- and theyre going after strategic competitive ads ---

    I didnt know Craigslist had flag spiders --- but I thought it could have been them --- so I turned my whole ad into a Image ----- instead of text --- and it still got flagged down --- its definitely some asshole doing it

    Where do I find that craigslist black hat course????