I'm Going To Create a %100 blog Link-Wheel autopilot - need advices!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by pijussau, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Hello blackhaters, i have browsed this forum a good time now and thanks for all great information and tools you guys have provided! But now it's time to give something back, something huge. What about a tool - that scrapes content, make blogs, publish content and link it to a big spider-web?

    55.tinypic(---)com/2qtv6h1(...)png (open the picture)
    *sorry for gibberish picture. I'm more of an thinker than designer.

    So yea, this is my thought, let's say that im into the MMORPG niche.
    1) Scrape 200 of the newest articles about mmorpg from EzineArticles.com and save them as .txt.
    2) Start the link wheeler, load up the folder with articles
    3) The link wheeler will then begin with blogspot, make a blog (the article headline is the url of the blog) and post the article with a backlink to your main site telling "Interested in more MMORPG games? Check out this website bla bla"..
    4) Then the software moves to the next blog, which is livejournal, and repeats the same proccess.. but this time also includes your blogspot blog and your main website (creating a wheel).
    5) And then it moves to the next blog, do the same process, but now add the livejournal url and it just contiunes creating blogs and linking them 2gheter.

    Creating a wheel of links directed to each other and the main website - TOTALLY AUTOPILOT. The captcha will also be taken care of.

    How would this work out? How would the content scraped from ezinearticles work out? Any advices?

    Soon-to-released autopilot link wheel for all blackhaters.
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    i was looking for something like this, did you make this tool?