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    Hello everybody -- several days ago I posted a thread trying to let everyone know about this affiliate program I was turned on to. I went about it the complete wrong way and I got told about it on no uncertain terms. I'm going to try it again, I hope, in the proper way for this forum.

    I'll cut right to the chase. The company is znz marketing. They have between fifteen or twenty different affiliate programs but this concerns two of them -- znz one and znz big cash. The program is, in a nutshell, is having people sign up under you to try a certain number of trial offers (you have to do the same thing to become eligible to promote the program first). The trial offers are from big legitimate companies like Blockbuster, Discover, Roadside assistance, Hydroxotone, etc. Znz (zero zip nada) one is easy to qualify for (for free). They have a point system and each offer gets you so many points. It's also possible to qualify for Big Cash for free but there are fewer free options there than znz one. Different companies have different requirements. You might sign up for Hydroxytone , for example, and they mail you their product and let you try it for free for thirty days and you pay 2.95 for shipping. The paid offers give you more points than the free ones. A free one is good for 1 point but the paid one may be worth 2.5 points. You have to get one point to qualify for znz one and you have to get 10 points to qualify for Big Cash. I spent nothing qualifying for one and $9 qualifying for Big cash.

    Znz requires that you give the trials an honest try. On a 30 day trial they may require that you continue the trial for 25 days before cancelling and if you cancel early you get booted from the program. This is obviously to prevent gaming of the system by just signing up to qualify and then cancelling the offer. This is not a program to be gamed.

    The Payout -- after qualifying for one or both of them you are good to go to promote this forever. Qualify once and you're done.

    Every person you get to sign up under your affiliate link and complete the qualifying offers pays out $20 for znz one and $80 for znz Big Cash. Same day directly into your paypal account. They have other payment options available but I go with paypal.

    So the bottom line here is -- for every person you get to sign up AND complete the offers will bag you a hundred bucks you can be spending it the same day.

    It's real and it's legit. I'm the rankest of rank amateurs when it comes to affiliate marketing but I've aready made money with this since I signed up last week without really even trying for the first time since i've been wandering this god forsaken wasteland of quick money guru system crap for the last eight years. I've done fairly well with ebay but have never been able to actually put together anything AT ALL with other forms of internet marketing. I sure haven't gotten rich yet but I have made actual us dollars and I see the potential as, in a word, there.

    Here's the kicker -- YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP UNDER SOMEONES AFFILIATE LINK. As I understand it you can't just go in cold and sign up. I signed up under someone elses referral link. Thats the beauty of it--the way it's set up everybody makes money as long as everyone plays by the rules.

    Now for the second part of the equation -- the marketing end. There's a company (or a couple dudes, who knows) that made the video that I was referred to called "Online payday system". It's a 30 minute "webinar" video that i thought was really well done and it sold me pretty much instantly. Again, I've been looking at and spending good money on learning to never get sucked up by a squeeze page AGAIN. I figure if I've learned one thing about affiliate marketing that would be it.

    Anyway, I clicked through the squeeze page (it asks for your name, email, and phone number but the phone # isn't necessary (what they do is post it along with your name when someone clicks through and watches the video under your affiliate link after you sign up for znz).

    What "online payday system' offers you is the marketing side. They supply all kinds of free online advertising sources, give you email and ad copy, autoresponders and all "that stuff". They also let you use the same video to promote as your own. That was huge for me because all I had to actually do was copy and paste and I've become fairly proficient at that over the years. It really is so easy that even a caveman could do it. I had to say that :)

    Also, they aren't on clickbank and you can't search and find the video I'm talking about. Here's the direct link to it -- ww.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zqMYsI7HZus.

    You can watch the video but you can't sign up through it. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SIGN UP AND CAN'T FIND ANY OTHER WAY TO DO IT HERE IS MY AFFILIATE LINK:


    I hope I did that right and I hope it does someone here some good.

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    How's this going for you?