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I'm bored ... Let's clear up some myths about IM products on CB ...

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by OTrap, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. OTrap

    OTrap Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 12, 2008
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    I have been working in the IM niche on Clickbank for about three years now, and I can't believe some of the misinformation out there about Clickbank in general, and the IM niche, specifically. So, I figured I'd clear up some myths that both the general public and even marketers without experience in the IM niche may have.

    Myth #1: IM products on Clickbank don't work.
    I posted something similar to this on another thread, but I thought it might be helpful to others to read it who might not be following that thread.

    The truth is that most of the IM products on Clickbank "work."

    Now, the reason I put that in quotes is that they OFTEN don't work in the way the buyer believes they should.

    Here is a list of four things you NEED to assume when buying a Clickbank IM-based product:

    1. It is going to take more time than advertised. You probably won't make any money for awhile.
    2. It is going to take more effort than advertised. Sorry, but to make it work, you're going to have to do more than just read a book and push a button.
    3. It will probably take more money than advertised. No matter what kind of Internet marketing you're looking to do, chances are, money can make it better.
    4. You'll probably end up needing to find additional resources outside the product itself. I've never run across a true "this-is-all-you-need" product that wasn't better supplemented with other resources.

    There is a quote that I like to tweak to make about many IM products.

    "Most IM products have not been tried and found wanting; they have been tried and found difficult; or left untried."

    Myth #2: All IM products on CB are just 800-page ebooks.
    The truth is, most marketers and site owners are realizing that, quite simply, people don't WANT to read through an enormous PDF file. Regardless of the actual quality of the content, more people are going to find value in things other than print. They're more likely to think they'll eventually get through it all if it's a video series or an mp3 series. As a result, there are fewer refunds. Marketers aren't dumb. They've seen the trend, and they are adjusting appropriately.

    Myth #3: All IM products on CB are worthless, rehashed PLRs or MRRs.
    While many products on there ARE PLRs and MRRs, many of them have been gone through pretty thoroughly by the marketers, to ensure that they are not worthless, despite being PLRs.

    Also, there are many products on there that are completely original content. Granted, it might teach the same technique or method as other products on there, but in several cases, the content is original.

    Myth #4: Affiliates on CB don't make good money anymore.
    The truth is, there are still people making a LOT of money on Clickbank, IM products included, and that goes for both vendors and affiliates. I personally know an affiliate who made just short of $900K on CB during the 2009 calendar year (I've seen the proof at his house, on his computer, and I logged into his account myself.).

    The IM niche is DIFFICULT if you're new to marketing, and so many just don't get into it. Others have felt jilted by one product or another. This leads to ignorance and misinformation. Hopefully, this topic helped you see it more clearly.

    If not, that's okay, too. As long as you're doing okay for yourself, I'll be happy. However, with all the stigmas associated with the niche, I thought it would only be helpful to clear up what is fact and what is fiction.
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  2. BigBlue

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Truth #1: If you havn't made any money online yet with the wealth of FREE
    information you have available here on BHW, then a Clickbank product isn't
    going to do anything for you.

    Truth #2: WTF? Clickbank ebooks are 99.9% shit. And the good ones will end
    up shared here on BHW anyway. The only items worth buying from there are
    tools that will help save you time on the marketing you are already doing.
  3. OTrap

    OTrap Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 12, 2008
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    This isn't just for those here on BHW. This is stuff the BHW audience SHOULD know about the relationship between IM products and the general public, though.

    Based on what? I hear a lot of people saying this, but few give examples of how "most" are.

    Rest assured, I'm not suggesting that all of them are legit. I know. I get it.

    However, while the book may take four times as many pages to teach something, most of them DO teach something helpful about some aspect of Internet marketing. If a book is an introduction to SEO, and you are familiar with SEO, then you're obviously not the target market.

    However, in all honesty, many of the ebooks can actually be helpful to someone who fits the profile for which the book was written.

    I hear people saying all the time that "ebooks are shit" and the like. I've never heard examples (not examples of ones that they think are worthless ... examples of how they are shit ... if one is going to accuse, one ought to offer a reasoning behind the accusation). I've never heard a defense for the position.

    I've read several ebooks that are or were offered on Clickbank. While some were introductory, they weren't anything short of factual information surrounding ways to do different forms of marketing.

    Just because the information isn't the "magic pill" the end user is expecting (even if the unscrupulous marketer advertised it that way), that doesn't mean the information itself is worthless.

    With the exception of the ones owned by BHers, this is true. Again this post is simply about the relationship between a product and its end user, whether or not that person is necessarily on here.

    If you already have a profitable, working knowledge of any and all forms of marketing you wish to get into, you're absolutely right.

    PS - I love that your BST advertises "how to make $9300 in one month by copying and pasting," and it states that the Proof provided inside ebook.
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