I'm a noob and I have a big noob question. Easy for you guys!

Discussion in 'HTML & JavaScript' started by Jelmer187, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I don't know ANYTHING about scripting, so i decided to ask you guys.
    I need to post affiliate links on twitter, but if I post these links raw I get suspended.
    So someone told me about Java redirecting and Html redirecting. I searched google and I had the idea that it was just some link shortener or what ever.
    But no i need to let the link go somewhere else and then go back! So I will not be reconized as an spammer! right?

    Something like this: (From google)

    <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>I moved!!!</TITLE> <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="10;URL=http://my.newplace.com/"> </HEAD> <BODY> I moved to a new place. Your browser should automatically take you there in 10 seconds. If it doesn't plase go to http://my.newplace.com/ </BODY> </HTML>

    Now i don't get anything about this story!

    What i need:

    I need to post my links on twitter, within 1 tweet with max 140 digits.
    I really want to spam.
    I have 4 accounts that are going to be online to spam all this links!
    Please could some one answer me with the right code for Twitter or says what i need to do? I'm completely clueless!

    Thanks in advance!
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    No matter what links you post, whether redirecting or otherwise, will get you banned in a very short period of time on Twitter.