IG Email Verify After IG ACC creation Script

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    Hey BHW,

    I have a custom project required.

    I have a CSV list of Instagram usernames, Instagram passwords, mail.ru emails, mail.ru passwords, proxies and I would like to create an imap program that logs into to the email and goes to the email verify email from instagram and logs into instagram to verify the email behind an Android and/or iOS simulator with a different browser fingerprint behind each account. It doesn't have to be multithreaded, it does need a custom delay between each verification. We will also need phone verifies using some APIs in a few days.


    I have my own /32 ipv6 datacenter but each account will need mobile simulation and a separate browser fingerprint generated with a BASH script but I think there are also tools for this.

    Let me know if every requirement is in your skill expertise and how much it would cost? $$

    3 main points

    1) Login with iMap retrieving IG verify email

    2) Login to IG using Unique Browser Fingerprint via Mobile Simulation iOS/Android.

    3) ability to import list of accounts that need email verification via Instagram username, Instagram password, mail.ru mail, mail.ru password, proxy

    later - phone verify.

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    I can make all this except I cannot do the mobile simulation, instead a browser one (with unique cookies), pm if interested.