iFrame therefore I am-Help needed,will pay!

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    Hey I'm trying to iFrame an offer which is on a blogger blog linking to a facebook fanpage I've set up. It's already getting decent traffic and if I could get the damn thing to work I reckon conversions would be very high. Thing is, I can't iframe the second page, also, when the punter puts in their postcode the "find address" menu that pops up, doesn't appear on my iframed page. It's a total nightmare. I'm currently using cakeslice and blanking the referrer using referre.us (I think that's the addres) which basically cloaks my aff link. What the hell am I doing wrong? I've tried GhostCPA but that's just a black art to me as it simply doesn't seem to work. Anyone who can help set this up I can pay you $50 on completion. Thanks.